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College of Business

SHRM Resume Workshop

On Monday January 29, 2018, CWU SHRM hosted Mike Rogel who serves CWU as a Human Resource Partner. With over fifteen years of Human Resource Management experience, Mike led SHRM members through a resume workshop and gave his best suggestions on how to tailor a resume for an entry level HR position.

Prior to working at CWU, Mike served as an Executive Member and Director of Anderson Hay and Grain, Executive Member and Director overseeing Feed Purchasing/Feed Procession/HR/Risk at Wilcox Farms. Mike also founded an HR consulting company focused on providing HR services to Small/Mid-sized organizations.

"Mike encouraged us to gear our resume towards the position we are applying for. Make it appropriate not only to that company but to the specific positon," stated Julia Felici, VP of  CWU SHRM, “Customization! Make sure your resume fits to the job you are applying for. You resume may not be the same for every position, so make sure you take the time to gear your resume for the exact position and company you are applying for.”

 Mike expressed the importance of the initial view of your resume, make sure to grasp the employer’s attention right away. “On average the tradition HR employer will look at a resume for 6 seconds, so the layout of your resume is highly important.”



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