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College of Business

SCMI : Mission & Focus of the Institute

Central Washington University, College of Business Supply Chain Management Institute (SCMI) is an initiative by the university to engage with the industry in the development, support, and facilitation of Supply Chain Management knowledge and expertise. SCMI aims to create a close partnership between academia and industry, to help supply chain professionals maintain their competitiveness through training seminars and conferences, to foster networking among practitioners and academia, and to collaborate on research projects in the field of supply chain management with Industry.

The Institute will focus on the development and enhancement of Supply Chain Management as a discipline. In order to achieve our mission, our focus will be the creation and dissemination of knowledge through relevant conferences, meetings, and research activities conducted with the practitioners and business professionals in Supply Chain Management field. SCMI has five major focuses:

  1. Industry Collaboration: SCMI aims to present opportunities foriIndustry and academia interact. Through various events networking will be developed and enhanced between industry and academia. These events provide an excellent opportunity for industry executives to network, share experiences, and discover new opportunities.
  2. Conferences/Meetings/Seminars:
    1. Special seminars (executive breakfast/lunch briefings): SCMI is planning to host executive breakfast/lunch briefings for advisory council members which will allow members to stay abreast of the latest developments and innovation in the field of Supply Chain Management.
    2. Public seminars/meetings/conferences: SCMI is planning to host periodic public conferences/seminars/meetings to share best practices, identify research topics, and disseminate leading-edge thinking in the field of Supply Chain Management. Meeting presentations including discussions will be published by the Institute and be available to the public.
  3. Research: SCMI is committed to research and development of various aspects of supply chain management. sourcing, scheduling, logistics, strategic decision making, and inventory control are among research domains relevant to the Institute. The Institute aims to engage in research on application tools in the Supply Chain Management field with industry partners.
  4. Training: SCMI aims to design and deliver short training programs for supply chain professionals in the long term. The Institute will play a leading role in helping the supply chain professionals achieve their growth potential by providing training programs.
  5. Student Career Development: Student career development activities engage employers, students and graduates in a range of activities both on and off campus.  These include activities such as career events, employment opportunities, and career development workshops.