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College of Business Scholarships

Scholarship Central

Scholarship Central hosts many scholarships that are made for College of Business students. 

Accounting Department Scholarship 3.0 Collegiate, Accounting Major
Bennetsen Scholarship Economics major- review agreement
BiMart Scholarship Financial Need, Academic Merit, Interest in Retail Business, Business major
Boeing Scholarship- General  
Boeing Scholarship- SCM  
Charles C. Adams Scholarship Accounting major; senior or MPA, 3.5 Accounting UD, must be planning CPA exam/career
Christophersen, Downing, Sammer and Stedman Scholarship CB major; 90 credits or more, 2.5 in the major GPA, holds a leadership position in a CB club
College of Business General Scholarship 3.0 Collegiate, CB Major
Cynthia K. Pearson Accounting Scholarship full time; full Accounting major, overcome challenges or show an improvement in academics and be seen as being on the public accounting track; preferrence- transfer from cc
Danton Scholarship 3.0 Collegiate, CB Major
David and TJ Schelert Scholarship full time, Accounting major, 3.0 collegiate and 3.0 in the Accounting major
Fabyn B. Hanson Scholarship CB Major, Preference for a student that graduated from a Skagit HS or who has a permanent address in Skagit County
Gary Heesacker Scholarship in Accounting full time, Accounting major, 3.0 collegiate and 3.0 in the Accounting major
Greg LeClair Scholarship 3.0 Collegiate GPA, CB major, Junior/Senior- preference for first gen
Hal Wolf Scholarship Business Week
Harold and Marjorie Williams Scholarship 3.0 Collegiate, CB Major, Junior/Senior
Hensler-Moore Scholarship in Economics Full time, Econ major, junior or senior during year of disperment, selected by Ghosh, in consultation with fellow faculty, if Ghosh is not available, then department chair
James Nimnicht Scholarship in Human Resource Management  
Jason and Rakhee Phelps Scholarship full time, BSBA SCM, good standing, need
John & Kathleen Bezold Scholarship 90 credits or more: Veteran, honorable discharge, 2.8 or higher GPA, CB major
Linda S. Storey Scholarship Female, Business major, need, continuing student, encouraged to reaward to previous recepients if still qualified
Masters of Professional Accountancy Alumni Scholarship MPA Student; preference to BAP member (if no MPA program, can go to ugrd Accounting major in CWU Accounting or BAP club)
Ralph A. Conner Family Accounting Scholarship Accounting major, collegiate 3.0, interest in CPA, preference for non-traditional from Eastern WA (if no candidate, select one that is closest to parameters).
RSM Accounting Scholarship 3.0 Collegiate, Accounting Major, Junior/Senior
Ryan Patrick Dacy Memorial Scholarship 3.0 Collegiate, CB Major, Junior/Senior, Need
Stephanie T. Frederick Scholarship 3.0 Collegiate, Accounting Major, Sophomore/Junior/Senior- need
Tom and Wendy Dingus Accounting Scholarship Fund Must have at least one full time academic year of attendance at time of award; 3.0 or higher GPA; preference to need, first in the family; Zillah or Prosser or University High.
Washington Association of Licensed Public Accountants and Washington Tax Conference (WALPA) Scholarship Full Accounting major, full time, demonstrated leadership ability, exceptional academic achievement, if multiple qualified, priority to need, minimum junior standing
Wolfgang and Joyce Franz Scholarship Econ major, in top three highest GPAs in Econ major, preference to attend grad school, reviewed by Econ faculty to provide consideration for course work selection and character of the student.
Julie and Randy Back PFP Scholarship Full time, 1st priority to BS PFP, 2nd priority BSBA PFP, Good academic standing, 3.0+ GPA, Preference to 1st gen with need, preference to female
James L. Andersen Endowed Scholarship Full time, CB Major, Good standiing, 3.0+ GPA, Be from Central or Eastern WA, 1st Preference Kiona-Benton High School, 2nd prefence Ellensburg High School
Lars Landrie- Ran through CB Scholarship PFP, 3.0 GPA
Haberling Family PFP Scholarship Full time, 1st priority to BS PFP, 2nd priority BSBA PFP, Good academic standing, 3.0+ GPA, Preference to 1st gen with need, Preference from central/eastern washington and intends to have career in area, preference for african american or hispanic student. 


Transfer Scholarship

Students transferring from another college are eligible for another CB specific scholarship which you can apply for here.

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