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College of Business

Regional Labor Economist visits Econ Club

On February 6, 2018 the Economics Association hosted Donald Meseck, a regional labor economist for the Washington State Employment Security Department. He visited the Econ club to explain the aspects of his job, who his targeted clients are, and how an economics degree can “open doors” to several different state job opportunities.

“Don Meseck gave great insight on the field he works in, labor economics. He explained what he does and how his department and other departments operate. As well as, how he goes about collecting his data for analysis,” stated Eric Staats, President of Econ club. “A handful of Economic Club members are seeking similar positions to Don Meseck. The club learned valuable information and developed a great contact in the economics industry.”

Meseck’s current job requires him to analyze civilian labor force, analyze current employment statistics, as well as wage data and complete monthly and annually reports across the seven counties in Central Washington.

Serving to a diverse array of business and government organization, Meseck believes “college students are the future, and that the workforce is looking for highly motivated and bright employees.” Encouraging those in the Econ club to continue with their economics degree as it will open opportunities not only as an economic analyst but also as a research analyst, management analyst, or even a financial analyst.

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