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College of Business

Ozden Bayazit

Ozden Bayazit, PhD

Supply Chain Management
Department of Finance and Supply Chain Management

2012 CB Excellence in Advising Award
2005 CWU Alumni Excellence in Teaching Award
2005 CB Excellence in Teaching Award

CWU Lynnwood 302R
425.640.1574 x3754

Image of Ozden Bayazit

In her words (March 2013): I have been teaching at CWU since 2003. This has been an extremely rewarding journey. I love my job! I am married and have a 6-year old boy who started Kindergarten this year. My journey to the U.S. started off in 2000. Since then, I have been living in the States and enjoying every minute of it. I am originally from Turkey. Family and friends are my life.  I come from a big family with two older sisters and two older brothers with two nieces, and two nephews. I try to go back once a year to visit with my family and friends.

I love cooking because it is fun and so therapeutic. My whole family cooked and my mom taught me how to cook at a young age. I love food and love to experiment with different ingredients. We get together with our friends very often to cook, eat and enjoy a delicious meal. I also love traveling. I love going to different places, trying out local food, learning about different cultures, being in a completely different atmosphere, and having some priceless memories with my loved ones.

If I could learn any language, it would be Italian because it is so beautiful! There is something so alluring about Italian. I have been always fascinated with Italy and it is in my “new year’s resolution” list this year.

What do you think is the key to academic success?
Seek help when you need it, be present and prompt, stay focused, do your best, communicate with your advisors and instructors, don’t miss the deadlines!

Provide a useful interview tip:
Try to gather as much information as possible about the company you are applying for. Research the company and try to get some inside scoop on the company’s culture. “Like” the company’s Facebook page. And don’t forget to dress for success!

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
Ten years from now, a lot of things can certainly happen but I will be open to new possibilities and opportunities in my career. I am excited to think about what the future may hold for me. But no matter where I will be at, I am sure I will be continuing to teach and to try to positively influence my students’ career choices.

Describe your dream vacation:
Having a super energetic 6-year old makes any quiet and stress-free vacation a dream vacation! As of now, trips to Disneyland, Lego Land and Cars Land are among our final destinations for obvious reasons. But, I‘ve always dreamed of having an extensive European trip from north to south, east to west. Some day.

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