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Nathan Heile

CB has helped my professional development through countless opportunities for me to learn and better myself. Our Personal and Professional Business Development class introduced me to many concepts of professionalism as well as began a relationship with the professor Jay Pfeiffer. The CB helped get me an internship at Boeing, an unparalleled developmental experience. The CB has also assisted me in clubs, from senator to president, allowing me to reap the rewards associated with assisting other students.

· From Student Spotlight with Emily Wilson: “[I] spent much of [my] adolescence outside of the classroom due to a neurological disorder. Starting in the 7th grade… I was in and out of wheelchairs and hospitals, but I never stopped trying [to go back to school]. Each year, I wanted to go back, but each year I failed earlier and earlier [in the school year].” I was a bright kid, but didn’t go to high school or much of middle school. After what was technically my 5th year of high school, I got my GED and came to CWU where, less than 3 years later, I will be graduating a quarter before my high school peers.

· My proudest accomplishment at CWU was after the first meeting of CWU Economics Association this Fall. It was my second quarter as president and we had a fantastic turnout of 28 students where we got to tell students of all ages about the experiences we had with internships. After the meeting, two of my officers were helping me clean up and told me that they really respected me as a leader and could tell that I genuinely cared about the club and about them. It’s truly an honor to hear from even one person that you can help them in their journey.

· I’ve generously received two scholarships from donors, been on a factory tour of Boeing with Career Services, coordinated a public speaking workshop with Career Services, and have had

countless positive interactions from faculty and professors. Professors have invited me to sit with them during lunch to look over my resume, they’ve stayed hours late after school to help me with presentations, and they’ve been with me every day as I’ve grown.

· Being involved turned CWU from my degree granting institution into a home. It’s my school and will be my alma mater. That’s something I honestly didn’t think I’d be proud of when I first came here, but now I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to give back throughout my career.

· There are countless faculty members that I’ve had positive experiences with. Every single person in the Economics department I can recall having a meaningful experience with, but two individuals stand out in particular. Dr. Sipic was the first person to sell me on Economics and since our first meeting two years ago, he’s pushed me up towards my internship with Boeing and has been an incredible advisor for the Economics Association. Dr. Wassell jokes that you get a Bachelors in Dr. Wassell with Economics given the classes he teaches and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Each class I take from him, I’m more excited about than the last. He’s honest and trustworthy and invests his time in his students. An honorable mention would be Sarah Pratt who invested a lot of her time in first helping me learn GIS and eventually helping my team refine our presentation for the Boeing Case Competition.

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