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Monica Chavey

I’m a senior majoring in Business Administration with a Marketing specialization. The CB has given me incredible opportunities to grow my professional development specifically because of MGT 200. When I took this optional class as a Freshman, I decided on day one that it would be the worst class in the CB. As the weeks flew by and my public speaking and presentation skills grew stronger, I thought it might be the worst class, but at least I was gaining some skills. By week ten, I was saddened to say goodbye to my peers and reflect upon all of the hard work that went into pitch presentations, networking, and research. Fast forward four years and I see that class as the very best class, not only in the College of Business, but in my college career. As a Freshman, I was absolutely terrified of public speaking, giving presentations, meeting new people, and working in groups. That all changed in only ten weeks of ONE class. The story doesn’t end there. In fact, I’m still involved with MGT 200 as a senior. The program has given me the opportunity to mentor other students in the class, perform survey skills as a research assistant, and lead a classroom as a Director of Mentor Development. I know this is all sounding like a lot from a 200-level course, but I assure you, that’s only the start. With that, I found the College of Business to be the perfect place for me to pursue my major, and I was right. Of course, there were many challenges along the way; both academically and personally as a student. Before the journey started, I was nervous about balancing schoolwork and getting a job, learning how to live in a new place on my own, finances, and all of the normal concerns that any senior in high school has going through their mind. Looking back, it’s amazing to see how everything worked out. All of those thoughts and worries were resolved and I can’t be any more thankful for the people in the CB who helped me along the way. Dr. Provaznik, Dr. Wilson, and Dr. Pritchard are only a few of the many names that come to mind. Students in the CB get to know their professors and work with them on a closer level than at most universities. Each of these professors have given me opportunities to build my resume and as I’m about to graduate and in the process of applying for jobs, I can’t imagine where I’d stand had I not taken those chances. At the end of four years, everyone graduating has the same level of education, so it’s a matter of differentiating yourself by taking on more tasks that will set you apart. Although that may sound incredibly overwhelming, there are so many hands reaching out to help you get there.

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