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College of Business

Marketing Specialization

Marketing is a fast-paced field of study that offers the opportunity to work in many different industries.  Marketing is often described as the “face” of a firm, but in reality, marketing goes much deeper.  It is the core of any organization that is able to successfully interact with entities outside the organization.  Marketing serves as the coordinating function across all parts of a company to ensure that the firm’s goals are achieved and its customers are satisfied.  A degree in Business Administration: Marketing Management offers extensive opportunities to enter a wide variety of businesses in many different positions.  In our marketing program, students learn from highly qualified, award-winning faculty members who are dedicated teachers and well-published researchers with hands-on work experience.  Graduates from this program go on to careers in customer relations management, sales, advertising, and marketing research, among others.  Our graduates have received job offers from major companies such as Amazon, Boeing, Microsoft and Starbucks, as well as many smaller firms.  

Course Requirements

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