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Marketing Specialization

Marketing is a fast-paced field of study that offers the opportunity to work in many different industries.  Marketing is often described as the “face” of a firm, but in reality, marketing goes much deeper. It is the core of any organization that is able to successfully interact with entities outside the organization.  Marketing serves as the coordinating function across all parts of a company to ensure that the firm’s goals are achieved and its customers are satisfied. In our marketing program, students learn from highly qualified, award-winning faculty members who are dedicated teachers and well-published researchers with hands-on work experience.  

Careers in Marketing

Areas to be Employed in: Recent Employers:

Product Management

Brand Management

Marketing Strategy Management

Advertising Management

Data Collection

Survey Research

Data Analysis

Evaluation Design

Digital Marketing


Seattle Seahawks


Seattle Mariners

North Coast Electric


Windermere Real Estate


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Central Experience

"The College of Business provided me with opportunities that relate to real projects, such as analyzing comments for a hotel to improve future guest stays. It also gave me a great opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who wanted to do their very best and become successful. I can't thank them enough for the strong work ethic I was able to gain throughout my time there. Professors gave me wonderful insight into the marketing world and I continue to apply skills related to brand awareness and brand image every day." - Kevin Moran

Central Marketing Association

A College of Business club at Central Washington University where students learn to network and utilize their marketing skills by planning real events, working with merchants and by attending academic conferences concerning the marketing field.

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