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Maceo Sample

My time as a Wildcat has made me realize how special a place Central Washington University is. This place and the people that are here to help us on our journey are timeless. When I came here I did not know how much of an impact serving others would have on me and my journey. I learned from many Staff, Faculty, Upperclassmen Mentors, and Peers about the importance of servitude. Servitude to the community and to my academic tutelage. As a freshman, I embraced service and wanted to do a lot for others. I joined clubs and even became a student ambassador for the college of business. Eventually, I met some of the best staff and faculty

advisers in the world, and they all pointed me in the right direction whenever I needed guidance. All of the people that were years ahead of me helped me in many different ways. One of the major ways they aided me was by pushing me to do more. With the help of my advisers, I seize an opportunity to intern at The Boeing Company.

While at the Boeing Company, I have had many opportunities to explore more parts of Boeing and the different operations and programs Boeing utilizes. I also have had to complete projects for my team to contribute to the success of the company. One of my projects entailed surplus inventory management, and the other project was a personal project managed by myself.

My surplus management project allowed me to manage $500,000 in inventory. The goal was to get rid of the surplus because it was accumulating holding costs. There are three ways Boeing manages surplus. They can sell the item internally to another program, sell the part back to the supplier, or scrap the part. My job was to save as much money and recoup as much money as possible. Although there were three options initially, I created a way to increase the prices of the parts being sold, and even make more money back on the parts while they are in surplus. Boeing has a program called Boeing Global Services. This program works with the plane after production. Think of it as an aftermarket care service. Much like an automobile, planes will need to have rework, updates, maintenance, and other services provided. Not all these services can be provided by the airlines, so Boeing ensures that the airplane they sold is always able to fly. In comparison, it is like a warranty. These surplus parts can be sold and loaned in the aftermarket, where the price for these parts actually double or triple in price. This in turn saves and makes money for the Boeing Company. I delegated the parts that were assigned to other Supply Chain Analyst and provided them the instructions to transfer the parts to the BGS program in order to get rid of the surplus. While this project was relatively short, it did provide me a chance to see the BGS program in action. A business trip down to the Seal Beach, CA CRC building was amazing. I was able to see how Boeing is able to connect to every Boeing Plane in the sky. Know its position in the air, and solve any problem that may occur during flight or on the ground to keep the plane operable. I met many different important figures such as Fleet Chiefs, Senior Managers, Vertical Integration Vice Presidents, and other managers, and made many lasting connections with them.

Overall this internship experience as very exciting. I met many important people. I met a lot of very fun interns during intern events, and I have gained a lot of experience that applies to the majors that I am currently studying. My projects made me think outside of the box to find a solution that works. I also felt like I was supported from start to finish. All in all, I liked the Boeing Business Internship Program and would encourage another fellow wildcat to go through the same program and gain these experiences.

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