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College of Business

College of Business Living Learning Community

connecting inside and outside of classroom experiences

What is a Living Learning Community (LLC)?

Students with common academic interests live together in the same residence hall. Students are able to develop personal and academic relationships with other students and faculty in similar fields of study. Students participate in out-of-classroom enrichment activities that support their academic pursuits.

Business LLC Location – Sue Lombard Hall


General Description of the LLC:

For students who want to major or who are majoring in a program within the College of Business. The Business LLC helps students get engaged with the College of Business and our faculty outside of the classroom. Our major programs are developed with industry leaders to make sure our graduates are meeting the needs of tomorrow's business world. Our curriculum includes engaging coursework and projects taught by top business scholars.


Business Mission Statement:

The Business Living-Learning Community provides residential students interested in majoring in a business discipline the opportunity to become involved with the College of Business before they are formally accepted into the major.  The LLC will facilitate contact with business student leaders, College of Business faculty and staff, and business professionals.  Formal and informal professional development opportunities will help students learn about the business disciplines and choose a business major.  The LLC will provide a basis for a supportive student network that will reap benefits for students while at Central and after graduation.


Business Vision Statement:

The Business Living-Learning Community provides students access to the resources, skill-building and contacts they need to successfully pursue a College of Business degree from the first day they arrive on campus. The professional development, knowledge and network they develop as a result of participation in the Business Students LLC will provide the foundation for personal and professional success while at CWU and beyond.



  • To provide students with an understanding of business that will help them choose an appropriate business major and eventual career path.
  • To provide resources and study groups that will support students’ performance in the pre-admission courses.
  • To involve students in business student club activities and other professional development opportunities from the start.
  • To provide a meeting venue for Business faculty to interact with students interested in majoring in business.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will learn about careers in business.
  • Students will build a community to support them academically.
  • Students will develop relationships with business school faculty.
  • Students will participate in professional development opportunities that will prepare them for careers in business.
  • Students will be involved in club activities that will help them connect classroom learning with practice.


LLC Faculty/Staff Contact information

Olivia Vester

Recruiting and Event Coordinator for College of Business


For Questions regarding the housing application process please contact housing.

Phone: (509) 963-1831



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