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Academic Plan Change

For any requests to change your academic plan, please email from your CWU Student Outlook account with your request and student ID number. Common requests include dropping a major or minor, switching majors or declaring a second major, or adding/dropping/changing a specialization.


Enrollment Forms

3rd time attempts in the College of Business are only approved on a space available basis during fall, winter, and spring term. Space availability is determined on the date of open enrollment and then monitored through the end of the change of schedule period.

  • Students are allowed two attempts at College of Business courses before additional approval is needed.
  • Students attempting to take the same course a third time may do so only with permission of the course instructor, the department chair, and the Director of the College of Business.
  • Unless otherwise designated as repeatable, College of Business courses may not be taken more than three times.
  • When a course is repeated, only the last grade earned will be used in the computation of the cumulative and major grade point averages. All grades will remain in the student’s official record.
  • Unless designated otherwise, students can only earn credit for a course once, this includes transfer credit.
  • Any CWU course repeated at another institution is subject to the following requirements:
    • May be transferred in for CWU credit.
    • Will be used in calculating both the CWU and the transfer GPA.
  • Students are only allowed two attempts of BUS 241 (Legal Environment of Business). Attempts at other institutions will be counted towards this if a student is seeking an additional attempt at CWU.

If you are a current student at CWU, and feel that you may be need to repeat a class, please reach out to your Academic Advisor to talk about your options and how this will affect your graduation plan.

For third time attempts, please fill out the Repeat Approval Form, email the instructor of the course, copy to the email request, ask the instructor to reply all to the email if they approve, and monitor your CWU email for additional communications. Please include a written statement regarding why your previous attempts were unsuccessful and what strategies you will employ for your third attempt.

For further questions regarding the College of Business Repeat Approval process please review our instructions. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at or 509.963.2930

Taking 19+ credits is considered an overload and must be approved by your faculty mentor, department chair, and the Dean of the College of Business. If approved additional tuition and fees may apply.

Please read the instructions below and access the Overload Request Form.

Please fill out the entirety of the top half of the form with accurate information, including the full schedule you are requesting and your GPAs, which can be found on your Academic Requirements Report of your MyCWU Student Page. You will also need to describe your reason for overload.

For the bottom half of the form, please fill out your name, student ID#, the term and year that you are registering for, and your class standing (UGRD, PBAC, GRAD). If there is a specific course you are wanting to add to your current schedule that will put your over the 18-credit limit, please include the following information:

  • Class # (5 digits)
  • Subject
  • Catalog Number
  • Section Number

If you do not include the information for a specific course and your request is approved, your total credit limit will be increased, but Registrar Services will not enroll you into any of the classes you list under Requesting Schedule. This means you will need to enroll yourself into all your classes through your MyCWU.

Please feel free to email your form to if you would like us to review the form to ensure all sections are complete and accurate before moving to the next step.

Graduation Plan

You will also need to attach your anticipated graduation plan unless you are graduating in the term you are overloading. For instructions on how to complete a grad plan, please visit our Academic Planning Webpage.

Please have your academic advisor review the graduation plan to ensure overloading is necessary to meet your educational and timeline goals. This is an important step - if you do not need to overload to graduate in a timely manner, we highly recommend you do not overload.+

Requesting Approval

After you completed the Overload Request form and graduation plan, please email both forms to your faculty mentor for review and approval.

To find your faculty mentor, log into your MyCWU > Homepage > My Advisors

My Advisors as depicted on MyCWU. Shows the title of your advisor under the advisor's name.

If you have not been assigned a faculty mentor yet, please email both forms to your academic advisor for review and approval. On your email, please copy to the email so that our office also receives the forms and response.

Once our office receives the forms and response, we will forward your request to your major's Department Chair and then the College of Business Dean's office for review and approval.

When all levels of review are complete, you will receive an email from our office to let you know if your request is approved or denied.

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