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Faculty/Staff Directory

Economics | FSCM | Management | Dean's Office | Emeritus Faculty/Staff


Image of Accounting Faculty






Fabio Ambrosio

Des Moines



Ryan Cahalan Ellensburg 509.963.2466 Ryan.Cahalan

Jenny Cravens 




Han Donker, Dept. Chair Ellensburg 509.963.1954 Han.Donker

Clemense Ehoff, Jr.




Robert Holtfreter




Kelly Minor Ellensburg   Kelly.Minor

Ken Smith,

Off Site



Jim Thompson

Des Moines

206.439.3800 x3839


Lisa Woods, Secretary




Janie Zenack Ellensburg 509.963.1458 Janie.Zenack

Ke Zhong


425.640.1574 x3799




image of Economics faculty

Name Phone Email
Tennecia Dacass 509.963.2044 Tennecia.Dacass
Magdalena Bialic-Davendra 509.963.2668 Magdalena.Bialic-Davendra
Robert Carbaugh 509.963.3443 Robert.Carbaugh
Koushik Ghosh 509.963-1014 Koushik.Ghosh
Peter Gray 509.963.1174 Peter.Gray
Shirley Hood, Secretary 509.963.2664 Shirley.Hood
Cassie Koefod 509.963.1043 Cassandra.Koefod
Yurim Lee 509.963.1282
Sarah Pratt 509.963.2613 Sarah.Pratt
Toni Sipic, Dept Chair 509.963.2605 Toni.Sipic
Charles (Chad) Wassell, Jr. 509.963.3056 Charles.Wassell

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Finance and Supply Chain Management:
Image of Finance and Supply Chain Management faculty

Name Site Phone Email
Ozden Bayazit Lynnwood 425.640.1574 x3754 Ozden.Bayazit
Steele Campbell Ellensburg 509.963.1941 Steele.Campbell
Mimi Capote Remote   Mimi.Capote
Shirley Hood, Secretary Ellensburg 509.963.2664 Shirley.Hood
Md Noman Hossain Ellensburg 509.963.1409 Md Noman Hossain
Ke (Grace) Ke Des Moines 206.439.3800 x3845 Ke.Ke
Yong Joo Lee Ellensburg 509.963.3336 YongJoo.Lee
Kun Liao Lynnwood 425.640.1574 x3891 Kun.Liao
Rob Ogburn Ellensburg 509.963.1604 Rob.Ogburn
Jae-Young Oh Ellensburg 509.963.2788 Jae-Young.Oh
David Pena-Alfaro Ellensburg   David.Pena-Alfaro
Pamela Ritzenthaler Ellensburg 509.963.1828 Pamela.Ritzenthaler
Carlo Smith, Dept. Chair Des Moines 206.439.3800 x3854 Carlo.Smith
Thomas Tenerelli Ellensburg 509.963.3420 Thomas.Tenerelli
Ana Tonseth Ellensburg 509.963.2548 Ana.Tonseth
Fang Wang Lynnwood 425.640.1574 x3890 Fang.Wang


Image of Management faculty
Name Site Phone Email
James Avey Ellensburg 509.963.3381 James.Avey
Peter Boyle Lynnwood 425.640.1574 x3887 Peter.Boyle
Wendy Cook Des Moines 206.439.3800 x3852 Wendy.Cook
Claudia Dumitrescu Des Moines 206.439.3800 x3832 Claudia.Dumitrescu
Nancy Graber Pigeon Ellensburg 509.963.2915 Nancy.Pigeon
Timothy Hargrave Lynnwood 425.640.1574 x3871 Timothy.Hargrave
Erica Holley Lynnwood 425.640.1574.x3759 Erica.Holley
Maxine Lennon, Secretary Ellensburg 509.963.3339 Maxine.Lennon
Kathryn Martell Ellensburg 509.963.1990 Kathryn.Martell
Sayantani Mukherjee Lynnwood 425.640.1574 x3798 Sayantani.Mukherjee
Andy Parks Lynnwood 425.647.5643 x3885 Anderson.Parks
Mark Pritchard Ellensburg 509.963.2455 Mark.Pritchard
Bill Provaznik Ellensburg 509.963.3121 William.Provaznik
Jeffrey Stinson Ellensburg 509.963.1903 Jeffrey.Stinson
Todd Weber Ellensburg 509.963.2320 Todd.Weber

Terry Wilson Chair

Ellensburg 509.963.3330 Terry.Wilson
Keke ('Coco') Wu Ellensburg 509.963.2388 Keke.Wu

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Dean's Office Staff:

Name Position Phone Email
Brittany Sefton Academic Advisor - Des Moines, Lynnwood, & Pierce 509.963.2930 Brittany.Sefton
Claire Benson Academic Advisor 509.963.2930 Claire.Benson
Anna Cortes Academic Advisor 509.963.2930 Anna.Cortes
Amber Darting Director 509.963.2930 Amber.Darting
Jamie Ellis Administrative  Assistant 2 509.963.2930 Jamie.Ellis
Kennedy Munro IT Specialist 3 509.963.3429 Kennedy.Munro
Kailee Palchak Academic Advisor 509.963.2930 Kailee.Palchak
Dennis Reed Director of Development 509.963.2162 Dennis.Reed
Jeffrey Stinson Dean 509.963.1950 Jeffrey.Stinson
Olivia Vester Recruiting and Events Coordinator 509.963.1910 Olivia.Vester
Emily Wilson Alumni Relations Coordinator 509.963.1038 Emily.Wilson
Keke ('Coco') Wu Associate Dean 509.963.2388 Coco.Wu
Tinja Wyman Administrative Specialist 509.963.1955 Tinja.Wyman

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Emeritus Faculty and Distinguished Civil Service Employees:

Name Position University Center
Bruce Bagamery Business Admin/Emeritus Professor 2011 Lynnwood
Melissa Becker Accounting/Sr. Lectuturer 2018 Ellensburg
George Brooker Business Admin/Emeritus Professor 2001 Lynnwood
Donald Cocheba Economics/Emeritus Professor 2002 Ellensburg
Edward Esbeck Business Admin/Emeritus Professor 1999 Lynnwood
Wayne Fairburn Business Admin/Emeritus Professor 2005 Ellensburg
Jay Forsyth Accounting/Emeritus Professor 2007 Des Moines
Wolfgang Franz Economics/Emeritus Professor 1998 Ellensburg
Norman Gierlasinski Accounting/Emeritus Professor 2014 Des Moines
Allen Gulezian Business Admin/Emeritus Professor 2000 Ellensburg
Gerald Gunn Economics/Emeritus Professor 2008 Ellensburg
David Hedrick Economics/Emeritus Professor 2018 Ellensburg
Gary Heesacker Accounting/Emeritus Professor 2011 Ellensburg
Eldon Johnson Finance/Emeritus Professor 2014 Lynnwood
Richard "Moose" Mack Economics/Emeritus Professor 2008 Ellensburg
Karen Martinis Accounting/Emeritus Professor 2015 Ellensburg
John Moore Accounting/Emeritus Professor 2002 Lynnwood
Leslie Mueller Business Admin/Emeritus Professor 2000 Ellensburg
James Nimnicht Business Admin/Emeritus Professor 2012 Ellensburg
Don Nixon Business Admin/Emeritus Professor 2011 Des Moines
Patrick O'Shaughnessy Accounting/Emeritus Professor 1999 Ellensburg
Lynn Richmond Management/Emeritus Professor 2014 Lynnwood
Mike Ruble Accounting/Emeritus Associate Professor 2016  
Roy Savoian Economics/Emeritus Professor 2015
Dean (retired)
Hugh Spall Business Admin/Emeritus Professor 2007 Ellensburg
Ronald Tidd Accounting/Senior/ Lecturer 2018 Ellensburg
Allen Vautier Accounting/Emeritus Professor 2006 Lynnwood
Debbie Boddy Distinguished Civil Service 2016 Ellensburg
Sharon Damm Distinguished Civil Service 2012 Ellensburg
Barbara Mann Rodden Distinguished Civil Service 2002 Ellensburg
Laura Wilson Distinguished Civil Service 2000 Ellensburg

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