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Entrepreneurship Minor Online Application

Entrepreneurship Minor at CWU Business

One of the most exciting things to do is to change the world with your own ideas. CWU’s Plunge Program is an entrepreneurship minor where all students start their own profit or non-profit organization. Whether a student has an idea they want to try, or want help with developing an idea from scratch, the program engages them in an intensive product development track to generate a market-tested product or service from which to build a successful venture. The Plunge Program is one of the most productive programs for student business startups in the Pacific Northwest and is unique in many ways.

The curriculum of our program is built on the premise that entrepreneurship is a choice, not an innate talent or trait. Anyone can become an entrepreneur. Students in our program are mentored through competitive tournaments, skill and habit building, public speaking, and professional behavior. Constructive feedback is a large component that is critical to the development of our entrepreneurs. They are also mentored through the process of prospecting and developing a mentor relationship with an industry professional in their field of interest.

Product development plays an integral role in our curriculum. Students learn what people value and what challenges people face. From this perspective, students design solutions to target problems and involve the consumer in focus groups. Through this interactive process, students shape a service/product that has been market tested before they have started their venture.

By the time a student finishes the Plunge Program, they will have started their own venture.
Since the program was established in 2017, it has more than 50 students become business owners, and is on track for another 41 by fall 2018.

Required Courses:


MGT 200 - Essential Skills for Professionals

MGT 287 - Applied Product DevelopmentMGT 200 or permission.
MGT 288 - Prototype DevelopmentMGT 287.
MGT 289 - Business Plan & DevelopmentMGT 287.
MGT 488 - Plunge Class
(ACCT251 or ACCT 301) and (MKT360 or MKT362) and MGT 200 and MGT 287 and MGT 288 and (MGT 289 or MGT 487)

ACCT 251 - Financial Accounting OR ACCT 252 - Managerial Accounting OR ACCT 301 - Financial Accounting Analysis


ACCT 252 requires ACCT 251 completion with a minimum grade of a C-.

No pre-reqs for ACCT 251 or ACCT 301

MKT 360 - Principles of Marketing OR MKT 362 - Essential Marketing Concepts
ECON 201 and BUS 221 and admission to a College of Business major


By providing my initials and submitting this form, I understand and agree that the above courses are now, upon acceptance, part of the graduation requirements for my minor. In addition, I understand I must earn a grade of C or higher (2.0) in each of the above courses to complete the Entrepreneurship Minor.

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