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EDGE is a co-curricular program to provide a framework for students to enhance their personal, academic and professional opportunities by engaging in timely student success and career readiness skills, competencies and experiences to prepare them for life during and after college. Built out like a game, students will be able to track their progress through different stages as they earn points, complete achievements, and level up.






Explore and learn more about opportunities through exposure. Develop and build skills by engaging in a variety of activities. Grow and contribute by actively participating in projects. Excel by going above and beyond, showing expertise.



Career & Professionalism Milestone Achievement Icon Leadership & Impact Milestone Achievement Icon Diversity & Inclusion Milestone Achievement Icon Network & Insight Milestone Achievement Icon
Career & Professionalism Leadership & Impact Equity & Inclusion Academic Success
How can I explore different professional pathways? How can I make a difference and help those around me? How can I find community and create safer spaces? How can I succeed in my academic goals?


Getting Started in EDGE


Downloading the Suitable app

  1. To get started you will need to download the Suitable app or go to
  2. Sign in with single sign-on using your email address.
  3. Once inside you will be taken to your personal dashboard where you can see your progress within the app as well as achievements available to earn.
  4. Click the achievements tab and start working on the Trailblazer achievement!

Learn how to navigate EDGE within Suitable.

How Does it Work?


Earning Points

Points are earned by completing activities such as attending an event/workshop, writing a reflection on a topic or experience, or submitting documents within the Suitable app.

Featured Achievements

Featured Achievements are groups of experiences that have been shown to be valuable to a student's college and career readiness journey. Earned by completing a series of specific objectives.

Milestone Achievements

Each activity has been designated to one of the 4 core competencies. As students complete these activities they will be given milestone achievements as they work their way towards competency.


Experiential Learning Record

Go beyond the co-curricular transcript by offering every student an Experiential Learning Record. This shareable and portable record showcases their learning and development, articulates their skills, and updates automatically as they progress. As well as the ability to build out an ePortfolio with all of your projects and professional documents.

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