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Distinguished Alumni : Ken Denman

Image of Ken Denman

BA Accounting, 1980

President and CEO, iPass

Ken Denman is focused on making enterprise connectivity service secure, easy-to-use and available from any location of the world, on any platform installed and any device deployed.

Since joining iPass in October 2001, Ken has guided the company in leveraging the explosion in new broadband and wireless access technologies to make them real and globally available to any enterprise or service provider. Under Ken's leadership, iPass has remade itself from a leading aggregator of dial-up remote access networks, into a company that provides a broad array of enterprise connectivity technologies that meet the needs of large corporate customers with thousands of traveling and telecommuting employees, all which require secure access to their corporate networks, mission-critical applications, e-mail and the Internet.

Ken's career spans more than 20 years in the telecommunications and IT industries, with both domestic and global market experience. Before joining iPass, Ken was the founder, president and CEO of AuraServ Communications, a managed service provider of broadband voice and data applications. He has a strong background in the wireless industry, having held executive positions in the wireless and broadband divisions of MediaOne and US WEST. Ken was senior vice president of the National Markets Group at MediaOne's Domestic Broadband Unit before founding AuraServ; and prior to that, he was chief operating officer of the wireless portfolio at MediaOne International in London.

Ken holds a master's degree in business administration from the University of Washington and a bachelor's degree in accounting from Central Washington University.

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