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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing: Create and Deliver Value Virtually. The image contains a person on their phone in front of a tablet.

The digital marketing minor or certificate provides opportunities for students in any major to acquire a focused expertise in digital marketing. The program prepares students for emerging and high-demand digital marketing careers such as social media marketer, search engine marketer, content marketer, and digital marketing analyst. Also relevant for students who will start or manage a small business where digital marketing is essential for reaching customers and gaining competitive advantage. 

Required courses introduce relevant digital marketing concepts that builds students’ skills in developing digital marketing strategies and digital analytics. Elective courses from multiple business and non-business disciplines allow students to sharpen their marketing, analytics, and technology related knowledge from various perspectives.


Want to find out more about the digital marketing minor? Click here to hear from the faculty teaching the course!

Digital Marketing Minor Curriculum


Why Choose Digital Marketing?


High Demand Jobs

  • Social media & content specialist
  • Search engine marketer
  • Digital marketing analyst
  • Digital marketing strategist
  • Green economy/healthcare
  • Entrepreneur

Cutting Edge Topics

  • Social, search, content
  • Digital analytics
  • Artificial intelligence in marketing
  • Design and digital marketing
  • Digital marketing strategy

Real-World Impact

  • Industry projects & cases
  • Industry certifications
  • Company visits
  • Guest speakers from industry



Digital Marketing Club

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