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College of Business

CWU Graduation Requirements

Every student, regardless of major, has to meet the CWU overall graduation requirements.

These include:

  • A minimum of 180 quarter credits
  • A minimum of 60 of those 180 quarter credits, must be taken at the 300-400 course level. Credits at the 300-400 level are referred to as upper division credits
  • The CWU General Education Requirements (click here for more information about these and how to complete them)
  • Major program requirements
  • If a student’s major is less than 60 credits, they are required to complete a minor or second major
  • Students pursuing a Bachelors of Arts program (none of the programs in College of Business are Bachelor of Arts) must also complete two years of a world language at the high school level or one year at the college level

Students must have the following minimum GPAs

  • CWU cumulative = 2.0
  • In the major = 2.25 (some majors may be higher, check with your advisor)
  • In the minor = 2.00 (some minors may be higher, check with your advisor)

For additional information about these requirements and information about applying for graduation, please see this Graduation Requirements in the University Catalog.

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