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College of Business

Business Administration Online Program

Bachelor of Science

Online Program

Program Overview

This fully online program is designed to allow students entering with a Washington Associates’ Business DTA to complete a Business Administration degree and can accommodate a variety of preferred course loads, from part time students to full time students. Full time students could finish in as little as 5- 6 quarters.

Students with Associate of Arts- DTA degrees may be considered provided they have taken MATH& 141 or higher (a pre-calculus or calculus based equivalent course) and received a 1.7 minimum grade.

This program is not currently available to students within the service area of the CWU-Ellensburg location.


Application Deadline

We are currently accepting applications for the Summer 2019 terms. The deadline to apply for summer term is May 31, 2019.

In order to be considered for this program, one must also apply and be admitted to Central via the online application (

We also recommend the submission of the application web form and the emailing of any transcripts from previous universities, as to make sure that no discrepancies are found at the time of application. Please email all transcripts to for review.


Admission Requirements

To be considered for admission, students must meet the following requirements:

1. Associates of Business DTA earned before starting the program or Associates of Arts DTA and completion of MATH& 141 or equivalent. 

a. Acceptable DTA’s can be viewed here.


2. Collegiate GPA of 2.5


3. Must have been in good academic standing their last quarter of attendance.


Degree Program Requirements

Minimum GPAs

  • Must have a 2.25 average GPA for all major courses
  • Must have a 2.25 average GPA for all 300-400 level major courses

Transfer Students

  • Must complete at least 45 credits at CWU
  • Must complete at least 40 credits used in their major at CWU

Business courses taken within last 10 years

  • Courses taken to fulfill the requirements for a degree from the CWU College of Business must have been taken within the last ten years at the time of graduating.
  • Exceptions may be made, but must be approved by the department chair and dean or designee.

Students must have a minimum of 180 total credits to graduate from CWU

  • 60 of which must be taken at the 300-400 level.

I. Required Foundation (1.7 minimum)- These may be completed at community colleges

  • ACCT 251 (5 credits)- Financial Accounting (ACCT& 201 at Washington community colleges)
  • ACCT 252 (5 credits)- Managerial Accounting (ACCT& 202 and ACCT& 203 at Washington community colleges)
  • BUS 221 (5 credits)- Business Statistics (MATH& 146 at Washington community colleges)
  • BUS 241 (5 credits)- Legal Environment of Business (BUS& 201 at Washington community colleges)
  • ECON 201(5 credits)- Microeconomics (ECON&201 at Washington community colleges)
  • Two math classes from the following- ECON 130, MATH 153 (MATH& 141), MATH 154, MATH 170 (MATH& 148)*

*Students with business calculus or calculus level math, please contact our advisor to determine if you will need additional math courses.

II. Required Core (38 Credits):

BUS 301 (3 Credits) – Contemporary Approaches to Personal & Professional Development

BUS 310 (1 credit)
ECON 202 (5 Credits) – Principles of Macro Economics
FIN 370 (5 Credits) – Introductory Financial Management
MGT 382 (5 Credits) – Principles of Management
MIS 386 (5 Credits) – Management Information Systems
MKT 362 (5 Credits) – Essential Marketing Concepts
SCM 310 (5 Credits) – Supply Chain Management
COM 301 (2 Credits) – Public Speaking for Business and Organizations
ENG 311 (3 Credits) – Business Writing


III. Elective Courses (25 Credits):

Students choose between General Business or Supply Chain Management for their specialization.


IV. Capstone Course (5 Credits):

MGT 489 (5 Credits) – Strategic Management

BUS 489 (2 Credits) - AACSB Assessment


Online Admissions Process

I. Apply to CWU

Apply for admission to Central Washington University online at

II. Apply to the major

Once admitted and fully matriculated to the university, you may apply to the online major by completing the online form:

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