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College of Business

BAP Hosts Moss Adams Recruiter Julia Dull

On March 6th the Beta Alpha Psi club hosted Julia Dull. She is a recruiter from Moss Adams, the largest accounting consulting firm in the west and one of the largest in the nation. Julia was there to inform BAP members about the different opportunities that Moss Adams offers and interview tips that can apply to any job interview.

Julia offered many useful tips on how to be prepared for an interview. She advised that students have a story prepared about leadership, teamwork, and a time when they dealt with conflict. These stories are intended to prepare students for any behavioral interview questions while keeping answers from sounding rehearsed. “Make sure that when you leave an interview you leave them knowing what your skill set,” Julia recommended.

BAP members also learned the two biggest interview mistakes, “Not asking questions at the end and not having researched the company before the interview.” Overall the club learned about Moss Adams as a company and about how to be successful in an interview.

Sam Swaney, President of the Accounting and Finance Club said, “I thought it was interesting how she said to come up with 3 stories for preparing for interviews. These stories should be different examples of important topics, such as, leadership, teamwork, etc. These stories should help you answer a variety of questions asked.”

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