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Ashley Masters

Please state your class standing, major(s), minor(s), and and any area of specializations.

I am a Senior at Central Washington University. I am a double major in Economics with a Specialization in Managerial Economics and Business Administration with a Specialization in Finance. Additionally, I am minoring in Business Analytics.

How has CB helped your professional development?

The College of Business has helped my professional development tremendously by providing excellent faculty, professors and advisors who can help answer every question I have about my CWU career and my post-graduate career. Without the help of our professors, I would not have decided to double major; which I am very thankful I did. The College of Business offers strong resources to all students including a Career Counselor specifically for the Colleges of Business, campus tours to popular companies such as Boeing, TreeTop and Tesla, and an alumni mentorship program. I have participated in the alumni mentorship program both years I have attended CWU. This unique program allows students to work with a CWU alumni to get resume/cover letter advice, internship/job recommendations and guidance, build a stronger network and so much more. The mentors in this program are incredible and are certainly beneficial to the students success post-graduation.

What challenges have you faced on your path to pursuing a college education, either prior to or during your time on campus?

I would say the biggest challenge I faced on my path to pursuing college education was finding the funds to afford college. While it was a goal of mine to achieve my degree without taking any loans, this would not have been possible without scholarships. While I received scholarships locally, CWU offers many scholarships as well. When I first applied for the CWU Scholarships, I figured the pool was so large and the chances of me being selected were slim. However, I am very appreciative to have received multiple scholarships from Central including the Linda S. Storey Scholarship, Boeing CB General Scholarship, and the President's Tuition Award.

When I first began school at CWU, I was nervous in the aspect of making friends. CWU offers great resources to help students establish connections in many different ways. First, I attended their Experience Leadership Project. Second, the small class sizes made it a comfortable space for me to engage with peers and quickly form friendships and study groups in all my classes. Third, my College of Business advisor made it a priority to share with me, via phone appointment, several different campus resources to make friends and feel at home at CWU. This was especially important to me and will not go forgotten as I felt very secure knowing my advisor genuinely wanted to help me and wanted what was best for me.

What is your proudest accomplishment at CWU?

My proudest accomplishment at CWU would be starting the program of Microsoft Office Certification in Ellensburg. Free to everyone, the Ellensburg Public Library will now offer Microsoft Office Certification in all Microsoft Programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.). This certification is an incredible resume booster. While students often say they know Microsoft Programs, having this certification proves to employers you are proficient in this program. Having this certification is also a huge talking point during interviews. This line on a resume really grabs the attention of an employer and draws them in to understand more. Personally, I have 12 certifications and I was offered a full-time job at the age of 15 because of my certifications. Employers are impressed by this certification and when looking at two "equally" qualified applicants, the applicant proving proficiency in these programs with certification is likely to stand out further. Starting this program in Ellensburg, was a dream I had, but didn't think it was possible. With the support of professors and advisors, I was inclined to ensure this program was made available to students.

Describe which CB resources (faculty members, the CAT Center, Career Services, scholarships, etc.) have enriched your time at Central.

The College of Business provides incredible resources for students that I hope students are taking advantage of! Being a student employee at the CAT Center, I am very aware of different CB resources. The College of Business in general, has enriched my time at Central. However, specific resources I rely on to improve my time at Central are faculty members, the CAT Center, and Scholarships. The faculty members in the College of Business truly care about their students and seeing their success. With small class sizes, faculty often recognize students outside of class and enjoy hearing about their job search, offering resume advice, and simply making sure they are doing okay. The CAT Center is also one of my favorite resources, and not just because I work there. The advisors in the CAT Center go above and beyond to ensure their students needs are met. The CB advisors are dedicated to the success of their students and that is something I did not get to experience in my prior education. Having an advisor who truly cares about my success, well-being and who can answer my millions of questions without ever seeming annoyed, has been a major relief and help in my success at Central. 

How has being involved affected your time at Central?

I could not imagine going through school without being involved on campus at Central. From clubs, to campus employment, to volunteering at the CLCE, I have learned so much more about the campus, developed professional relationships with faculty and learned about the capabilities of Central. Being involved has also helped me form friendships and add several lines to my resume! To incoming students and current students, please don't miss a chance to get involved. It may be an extra task in your day, but at the end of the day, it is 100% worth it.

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