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Food and Agribusiness Management and Marketing

Minor/Certificate - open to all majors

The food and agribusiness management and marketing minor or certificate aim to help students learn about the unique marketing, management, economic, and policy issues related to food and agricultural systems. This minor or certificate aims to prepare students for careers in the food and agriculture sectors: marketing management, human resources management, operations management, product management, customer service, food service management, sales management, farm ownership, farm and ranch management, agribusiness development managers, sales directors, agricultural supply management, district grocery store management, food manufacturing sales representative, and employee relations managers. Students are also prepared for community nonprofit organizations and government, state, or local agencies, in the food and agriculture sectors.

  • In order to feed a population, expected to grow to 9 billion people by 2050, the world will have to double its current food production
  • America’s food and agriculture sectors are responsible for almost one-fifth of the nation’s economic activity (more than 13% of US employment)

  • In WA, there are 444.120 jobs directly related to food and agriculture (almost 48 % of WA total jobs - directly or indirectly related to food and ag)

Food and Agribusiness Program Requirements

Applied Agribusiness Technology

Minor/Certificate - open to all majors

The Applied Agribusiness Technology minor or certificate aims to help students learn about the key role that technology and data skills play in the operation of agribusinesses, at the regional, state, and/or national levels. Students have the opportunity to gain a strong foundation of programming and data management skills in food production, growing, processing, packaging, transportation, and/or sales/marketing. This program helps students understand how agribusiness tech and data analytics can make the food and agricultural industries more efficient, sustainable, transparent, and able to respond quickly to the rapidly shifting consumer behavior/demand. The coursework provides students with a solid foundation in data acquisition, data management, data visualization, data usage, including GIS - geographic information systems, and data-based decision making, all of which contribute to better, more efficient, and sustainable food and agricultural decisions. This will prepare students for a wide range of agribusiness technology careers; specifically, the program is designed to offer three career tracks, depending on students’ interest - i.e., farm/growing data track, agribusiness operations data track, and marketing/sales intelligence track. Students will use their Python, big data visualization, SQL, GIS, business analytics, and/or econometric/forecasting modeling skills to help the farming, processing, packaging, transportation, and/or marketing/sales side of agribusiness.

Applied Agribusiness Technology Program Requirements

Only AgBiz programs in WA offered by an AACSB accredited school


Take advantage of market trends in the Food/Ag sectors:

  • More health/food conscious consumers:
    • Where is our food coming from?
    • How is our food produced and processed?
  • Convenience is in high demand now more than ever:
    • Uber Eats
    • Grubhub
  • Sustainability:
    • New ideas by Millennials and Gen Z - regenerative agriculture
  • Retailers seizing new food/agribusiness opportunities:
    • Costco invests in poultry production
    • Amazon acquires Whole Foods

Top Career Paths/Jobs in Food/Ag Industry:

  • Marketing Management
  • Human Resources
  • Operations Management
    • Assistant Regional Manager
    • Warehouse Manager
    • Agriculture Manager
    • Farm Manager
    • Farm Operations Manager
  • Food Service Management
    • Restaurant Store Manager
    • Restaurant General Manager
    • Restaurant Assistant General Manager
  • Product Management
    • Product Marketing Manager
    • Farm and Product Development Manager
  • Agribusiness Technology
    • Agribusiness sales intelligence
    • Crop/farm data analyst
    • Food retail analyst
    • Inventory Specialist
    • Agribusiness operations data management

Unique Program: mmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Hands-on learning/experience
  • Real-world experience
    • project-based learning environment
    • professional development opportunities
  • Strong industry connection
  • Internships



Top Business Skills:

  • Economic policies analysis
  • Business policy & strategy development
  • Food/ag products & services marketing
  • HR management in the food/ag industry
  • Agribusiness data management
  • Agribusiness programming
  • Agribusiness technology
  • Data-driven agribusiness decision making


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