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College of Business

Academic Planning Resources

These tools are for student use while planning their College of Business courses until graduation.

If you would like help creating your graduation plan, please sign up for a Graduation Planning Workshop!


How to Create a Graduation Plan Video

Graduation Planning Script




Academic Requirements Report

You will use your Academic Requirements Report to view the following requirements:

  • 180 Credit Rule
  • GPAs for Graduation
  • Basic skills and general education
  • Pre-admission to a college of business major
  • Your college of business major and/or minor
  • Any other CWU majors or minors you have applied for

It is important to understand these requirements and how to satisfy them so that you can create a successful academic plan and graduate in a timely manor.

Walk Through Guide- Where to Find and How to Read Your Academic Requirements Report

Video- How to Read Your Academic Requirements Report

Major Requirements and College of Business Policies

The Online Electronic Catalog (OEC) is the official University's compilation for all curriculum and College of Business Policies. The OEC will serve as the basis for major, minor and program requirements for the academic year. Students must follow that catalog for major and program requirements that are in effect at the time they are admitted to the major. The Required Course Advising Checklists provided below are based on the current year's OEC.

Advising Checklists by Major

To see our requirements for Business Administration, Accounting and Economics major for students admitted after Fall 2017, please click the link above. If you were admitted to the major prior to Fall 2016, please see your program in the University Catalog.



Advising Checklists by Minor

Some students may finish their general education requirements and their courses required for their College of Business major in 165 to 170 credits. Students need 180 credits to graduate; thus, many College of Business students add a minor to their academic plan. The link above includes the requirements for the minor and the application.


Certificates are for non-degree seeking students, and students that have already received their Bachelor's Degree. If you are a student that has not finished their undergraduate degree, please refer to the Minors above for the Sport Business and Supply Chain Management Minors. The link above includes the requirements for the certificates and their applications.

Tentative Course Schedules

The College of Business provides these schedules to students for academic planning purposes. Click the link above to view the Tentative Schedules webpage.

Academic Plan Templates

These templates are provided to student for planning their academic schedule until graduation. Choose your template below based on the number of credits you currently have.

4 Year Academic Plan- for students for 3 or more years of school left

3 Year Academic Plan- for students with 2 or more years of school left

2 Year Academic Plan- for students with 2 years of school left or less

Calculating GPAs

Standard GPA Calculator

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