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College of Business

37th Annual Operation Stimulus Conference and Case Competition

Six College of Business students traveled to Denver, CO this past week to compete in the 37th annual Operation Stimulus Conference and Case competition. The Denver Transportation Club hosts numerous Universities from around the United States as they compete for two days to provide the best solution to their case. Leading up to the competition, teams of students spent weeks reviewing their case, preparing documentation, and practicing their pitch in hopes of coming out on top. The case forced teams to think outside the box in developing the best routine for products, such as, container size, pallet stacking, and determining the most efficient route for delivering products to Dublin, OH. A major portion of the case was identifying which North American port would be used for shipping products from Hong Kong. The team developed a metrics system to calculate which would be the best option between Norfolk, Los Angeles, New York, and Prince Rupert. In the end, the CWU team chose Norfolk, due to price savings, compatibility, and on time delivery. During the competition, the team received positive feedback from judges. When presentations were over, the team discussed where they may have gone wrong and came up with alternatives that should have been implemented. After speaking with the panel of Judges from around the U.S., the CWU team found out they did not move on to the second round of competition. “Overall, the experience was amazing”, said senior Marisol Sanchez. When not competing, the students had opportunities to dialogue with local professionals to learn the ins and outs of the supply chain industry. The team gained great experience and represented Central Washington University with class and dignity at the annual Operation Stimulus Competition.


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