Business Intelligence
Barge Hall 104

Business Intelligence


Business Intelligence provides CWU with timely and accurate data to make more effective, informed, and accurate decisions.


Business Intelligence empowers CWU stakeholders by providing them with accurate information and analytical tools on demand. This fosters data-driven and informed decisions, resulting in more effective decision-making throughout the University.

Data Warehouse

The Business Intelligence department is responsible for maintaining and expanding the CWU Data Warehouse. The Data Warehouse is a consolidated repository of data from multiple transactional systems around the CWU campus. It is a tool that is used by CWU staff to obtain timely and accurate student, financial, human resource, and facility management data for internal, state, and federal reporting.


Analytics is a system that Business Intelligence created within MyCWU consisting of “dashboards” (visual collections of graphs, charts and guided reports) to provide multi-year data about Central Washington University. Institutional data is a primary tool to see how our students, staff, and colleges are working and the effectiveness of CWU policies. The dynamic data shows the results of changes that we have made, letting us track progress and make adjustments.


Business Intelligence delivers a wide array of analysis through different sources. Through our Dashboard/Analytics site, we provide users the opportunity to obtain valuable information via the guided reports tool. Business Intelligence also creates specific reports for different areas of the University with the purpose of putting accurate data and top-notch analysis in front of the right people at the precise time.