Business Intelligence
Barge Hall 104

A Consolidated Data Repository - Data Warehouse

Photo of computing serversThe Business Intelligence Department is responsible for the design, implementation, and maintenance of CWU’s Data Warehouse. The Data Warehouse is a consolidated repository of data from multiple transactional systems that are in use throughout the CWU campus and its various regional centers.

The Data Warehouse is used by CWU staff to obtain timely and accurate information relating to students, financial data, financial aid, human resources, etc., for use in internal, state, and federal reporting. The data is also used by staff for making optimal and informed decisions.

For the last years Business Intelligence has been working on transitioning from a traditional data warehouse to a data-mart based warehouse. By breaking up the responsibilities of the cumbersome traditional data warehouse into smaller, more specialized data-marts, the integration of new functionality is much quicker, and the data-marts are vastly more easily maintained. The lithe data-mart paradigm also makes reporting much easier for anyone requiring data for business analysis purposes.

New data-marts are constantly being added both to implement functionality that was previously provided by the outdated data warehouse, and to add new functionality to support new requirements from the CWU campus and centers for maintaining its current operations, and forecasting its future growth.

Business Intelligence works diligently to ensure the integrity and accuracy of its data. To further promote these duties, Business Intelligence has enlisted the support of domain expert that help validate the data.