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Budget/Financial Planning & Analysis


CWU New Budget Model

   New CWU Budget Model


Log into CatPlan Here

Identity Domain: uscentralwash48889

With Single Sign-on, you now connect to CatPlan using your my.CWU credentials. On the Oracle sign-on screen, click the "Company Sign In" button, located on the right, middle of screen.

CatPlan Resources:

Getting Started:

CatPlan is Central Washington University's budget management system. CatPlan allows departments to plan and forecast all in one system, ideally reducing the amount of budget spreadsheets passed between departments. 

CatPlan is not available for all university employees as there is a limited number of licenses.  If your department has requested you have access to CatPlan, then please complete the CatPlan Request Form. Once you are approved you will be notified and you can use your CWU login to connect with Single Sign-on.

CatPlan can only be accessed using a Firefox browser. Your Firefox browser must be configured using the CatPlan Firefox Setup Guide.

Before you attend your first training, use the CatPlan Chart of Account Cross Reference Tool to find your correct Department, Fund, Program, and Component needed to access your budget in CatPlan.

If You Are Having Trouble Signing In Or Having Any Other Issues, Please Click Here for Help.

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