CWU Website

The website is CWU’s number one marketing tool. Its content is viewed in a variety of browsers, on many different devices, across more service providers than ever before. CWU’s web design and development standards, set by the Department of Public Affairs, help the university meet audience expectations and provide a positive experience, while enhancing CWU’s brand.

The web design standards are guidelines for clarity and usability. They set boundaries that ensure the university’s creative goals are successfully received by users. Contact the Public Affairs web and marketing team to get started today.

Layout, Style, and Customization

Headers and Footers

Official, preestablished headers and footers are required for every page inside The header design, found at the top of the page, cannot change. It includes the university name, logo, page title, quick links navigation, search box, main recruitment navigation with dropdown menu, and a hero image.

The footer design, found at the bottom of the page, includes navigation for current students, faculty and staff, recruitment call to action buttons, the university logo, contact information, key communication links, the Title IX and accessibility statements, and main social media icons.

Department Page Navigation

Department web page navigation appears in the left column menu. This is also where department social media icons appear. Departments do not have access to make changes to page navigation. Work with the Public Affairs web team to create, change, and update the navigation menu.

Department Page Main Content Area

Each department is responsible for customizing and maintaining the main section of its web page, giving them an opportunity to market and promote their most important items. Within the template, content editors can publish key messaging, photos, videos, web banners, and icons (all of which Public Affairs can provide, if needed). Remember to include a welcome message at the top of the page, as well as a prominent call to action.

Department Page Calendar

A department-specific calendar of events is available for use. It will include department-specific events that are open to the public.

Training Available

The Public Affairs web team works closely with departments to meet their website needs. Training is available for staff and faculty to learn how to publish and maintain content on their web pages.

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • All university pages should be housed inside and use the standard CWU theme and template provided by Public Affairs.
  • All university pages must use programming standards set by Public Affairs to ensure they behave and display properly across browsers.
  • Each department is responsible for maintaining its own web page, which requires a member of its staff to be trained by Public Affairs.
  • CWU’s colors, images, and messaging should be used on all pages to enhance brand identity and improve user experience by providing consistency across pages.
  • Access to information is a top priority. Be sure the information you post is accessible to all.
  • Keep mobile in mind. Most visitors access via mobile device. Some items, such as pdfs or charts, may not be mobile friendly.

Social Media

Social media images, including profile and background photos, are extensions of your web presence. Use images that represent your department. Don’t use the CWU logo as your profile picture so as not to flood our followers’ feeds with repetitive crimson and black avatars. Established avatar templates and cover photos that complement the CWU brand are available for download as a kit.