CWU’s tagline Learn. Do. Live. defines what we do and how we do it. In addition, CWU uses the Welcome campaign for recruitment. Welcome defines how CWU makes you feel. Together Learn. Do. Live. and Welcome define the promises CWU makes to the wide variety of constituents we must speak to on a daily basis. Use of other extraneous slogans or taglines only serves to lessen impact and confuse our audiences. University programs, units, departments, colleges, and schools should not create or use any other taglines or slogans.

When writing, designing, photographing, producing videos, developing web content or pages, or talking about Learn. Do. Live. or Welcome, incorporate the promises.

NOTE: The Welcome campaign has its own set of identity standards that complement the overall university brand identity standards.

Learn. Do. Live.

CWU Learn. Do. Live. tagline example


When a student decides to attend Central Washington University, we promise to provide the highest quality education. We promise to provide a safe and nurturing environment during their years here. We promise to help them develop the skills and gain the knowledge they’ll need for life after graduation.

Our pledge to them:

A commitment to quality instruction by top-notch professors
A commitment to hands-on teaching and research
A commitment to helping them gain the knowledge to succeed after graduation


CWU Welcome tagline example


It can be hard to describe a great university in just a few sentences.
So, we decided to do it in one word: Welcome.

Why Welcome?

is what it feels like when students and teachers work closely together.
is the friendly, accepting atmosphere students are exposed to, on and off campus.
is how students feel the first day of class, and on their last; knowing they are more than ready for what’s around the corner.

Central Washington University is our name.

Welcome is who we are.
And it’s who we’ve been since 1891.