Clear Space

Clear or buffer space is an important component in allowing for the separation needed by the mark from other elements. It gives the mark the room it needs to stand out. The easiest way to ensure enough clear space around a mark is to use an element of the mark for measurement such as the width of the medallion, or the height of the “C” in the signature.

spacing for CWU medallion Blue indicates clear space.
The blue area must be kept
free of all visual elements.
Other elements can be safely positioned up to the blue line.
Magenta indicates alignment and boundaries.

CWU signature spacing horizontalCWU stacked signature spacing

Minimum Size

CWU’s brandmarks should be displayed prominently on all materials where used. To maximize legibility in both print and electronic materials, use the following guidelines as a reference for minimum sizes:

• CWU medallion: ½” (.5”) measuring top to bottom.
• CWU signature: ¼” (.25”) measuring from the top to bottom of the letter C in CWU.

Recommended Color Combinations

The options below are the preferred color combinations for most applications.

Single Colors and Reversing

CWU brandmarks can be printed in a single color; however, the medallion and signature cannot be divided into any two colors except for a combination of CWU Crimson, CWU Black, or White depending on the background color. When one color is to be used, good judgment should be exercised to ensure the color provides adequate contrast with the background.

Don’t obscure the legibility of the brandmarks when placing them on photos. Avoid placing the marks on busy photos or backgrounds.

CWU Medallion color options

Dos and Don'ts

The CWU marks should not be altered or modified in any way. CWU’s marks are customized renderings and proprietary to CWU. Do not attempt to recreate them by redrawing, typesetting, or scanning. Only use approved reproduction artwork available through the Department of Public Affairs. See specific examples below.

Do use approved artwork.

Don't stretch, condense, distort, rotate, or otherwise alter the brandmarks in any way.

Unapproved logos stretching

Don't create unapproved lockups.

unapproved logo lockups

Don't use any colors outside the approved colors.

Do use approved reversed artwork.

Don't use unapproved artwork.

Do provide simple backgrounds with sufficient contrast to ensure the legibility of the brandmark.

approved cwu logo placement on images

Don’t obscure the legibility of the brandmark when placing it on photos or patterned backgrounds.

non approved logo placement on images

Important Note about the Wildcat Spirit Mark

Wildcat Spirit Mark A white silhouette surrounds the Wildcat allowing optimal visibility on any background color on which it is placed.
Approved use of the Wildcat on a dark background color. The white silhouette must be included.
Wildcat spirit mark 3 DO NOT omit the white silhouette surrounding the Wildcat. Certain background colors will inhibit clear visibility of the Wildcat.
Wildcat Spirit Mark 4 The single color version of the Wildcat is available with or without the white silhouette. Use the white silhouette version wherever possible.
Wildcat Spirit mark 5 Approved reversed Wildcat art.
Wildcat spirit mark 6 DO NOT use positive art for a reverse application. Always use the approved reversed art on backgrounds that are darker than the Wildcat.
Wildcat spirit mark 7 Use this version of the Wildcat with light-value background colors.
wildcat spirit mark 8 Approved reversed Wildcat art.

Ensure that the color used provides adequate contrast with the background.