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Quarterly Course Schedules

CWU Biological Sciences Current and Upcoming Course Schedules


PDF of Anatomy & Physiology Courses 2022-2023 

PDF of Biological Sciences Multi-Year Tentative Schedule  [Excel]

The multi-year schedule provides a timeline of when courses are generally offered.  In many cases, multiple sections of courses are offered. Specific information, including class meeting times, assigned instructors, etc. will be available before pre-registration each quarter. However, please realize that changes to these schedules may occur due to enrollment pressures, personnel changes, or program needs.

Students in biology courses who require a service animal to perform a task should contact Disability Services (Hogue Hall 126, 509-963-2214, Disability Services will then work with faculty to determine what accommodations can be made for the service animal.


Course Flyers for Current and Upcoming Courses

Flyer for Spring BIOL

BIOL 300 Introduction to Evolution (Spring 2023)
It will be held online (web only) and asynchronously. 

Want to learn about evolution?  Need more 300-level credits to graduate?  Need to satisfy GenEd requirements (K8, P1, P6)?
This course does not count for a biology major or minor, but it will satisfy 300 level and specific GenEd requirements.
Contact Dr. Linda Raubeson if you have questions.

 Flyer for Spring 2023 BIOL 455 Integrative Animal Physiology

BIOL 455 Integrative Animal Physiology (Spring 2023)
Integrative Animal Physiology is an in-depth study of how animals function.  Our approach will be to consider the physiological adaptions of animals in relation to the environments in which they live.  This will include fascinating examples of species that live in harsh environments.  Although this is largely a course in vertebrate physiology, interesting examples from the invertebrates will be considered, especially when they nicely illustrate an important concept.

Prerequisites:  BIOL 183 and BIOL 213.  This course is part of the Structure Function Group.
Lecture Monday, Wednesday, Friday 12:00-12:50pm.  Lab held Wednesdays 1:00-4:50pm.
Contact Dr. Blaise Dondji if you have questions. 

  Flyer for BIOL 466 566 Spring 2023

BIOL 466 / 566 Conservation Biology (Spring 2023)
An introduction to the theory and practice of conservation biology, with emphasis on case studies.

Prerequisites: BIOL 183 and BIOL 213.  Counts as part of the Ecology Group.
Lecture Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:00am-9:50am.  Lab held Tuesday, Thursday 1:30pm-5:20pm.
Contact Dr. Kristina Ernest or Dr. Alison Scoville if you have questions.     

Flyer for Spring 2023 BIOL 470 Mechanisms of Evolution

BIOL 470 Mechanisms of Evolution (Spring 2023)
This is a hybrid / flipped class. Work sessions held Tuesday and Thursday, 12:00-1:30pm.
Prerequisite: BIOL 321.  This course counts towards the Evolution Group major requirement. 

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