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Pre-Professional Programs: Pre-Pharmacy


A pre-pharmacy program of study may be developed that prepares student for admission into professional programs at universities granting a pharmacy doctorate degree (Pharm-D). Central Washington University does not offer a degree program in pharmacy but does offer all prerequisite courses necessary for admission to pharmacy programs at other universities.

The required courses for both universities in Washington state that offer degrees in pharmacy are listed below. Most pharmacy schools have good websites that list the pre-requisite courses for their programs. Please contact the pre-pharmacy advisor, Dr. Gil Belofsky, (Science 302J, phone 963-2882, email ) in the Chemistry Department for help in determining the CWU equivalents for other programs, for advice on scheduling, or for more details on any aspect of the pre-pharmacy program. See also the CWU Health Careers Resources website,

Information on Applications to Washington Pharmacy Schools

 University of WashingtonWashington State University
PCAT requiredYesNo
Application Fee$45$50
Criminal Background CheckYesYes
GPA Minimum:3.03.0
Pharmacy related experienceHighly recommendedExperience is very highly recommended; the more hours, the better

Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT)

The PCAT is offered four times a year (Jun, Aug, Oct, and Jan) in Seattle (UW), Spokane (Gonzaga). The PCAT website is now offering online registration.

Pharmacy College Application Service (PharmCAS)

The Pharmacy College Application Service (PharmCAS) is a centralized application service for colleges and schools of pharmacy provided by the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP). Use the PharmCAS checklist available HERE to direct your application process.

CWU Pre-Pharmacy Club

The CWU Pre-Pharmacy Club meets regularly to support students in the pre-pharmacy program by inviting external speakers, providing avenues for pharmacy related experience, organizing field trips and just having fun. Find out more at CWU Pre-Pharmacy Club

University of Washington CWU Equivalents 
Requirement*CreditsCWU Course(s)Credits
General Biology with labs15BIOL 110, BIOL 111, BIOL 11215
General Chemistry with labs15CHEM 181, 181L, 182, 182L, 183, 183L15
Organic Chemistry with labs15CHEM 361, 361L, 362, 363, 363L13
English Composition10ENG 101, 102, 31012
Calculus4-5MATH 170 or 1725
Statistics4-5MATH 311 or BUS 221 or PSY 3624-5
Microbiology with lab5BIOL 3235
Humanities Electives**10Art and Art History, Speech Communications, 
Dance, Theater, Literature Classics, 
200 or above Foreign Language
Social Science Electives10Anthropology, History, Economics, 
Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology
Total Credits88-90Total Credits89-90

*Biochemistry is not currently required but highly recommended (CHEM 431, 432 - 6 credits). 
**Beginning in Fall 2009 UW will require COM 250 (4 cr) and 6 Humanities elective credits

Washington State University CWU Equivalents 
Requirement*Credits*CWU Course(s)Credits**
General Education General Education 
Written Communication I3ENG 1014
Speech Communication3COM 207 or COM 2504
American Diversity3For example: ENG 247, HIST 346, HIST 449, 
MUS 101, SOC 101, or WS 201
Intercultural Studies3For example: AIS, 101, 102, ANTH 107, 130, 359,
AST 102, COM 302, ENG 347, ETS 101, 
HIST 315, 316, 383, LLAS 102, MUS 359, TH 283, 383
World Civilizations6HIST 101, 102, 10315
Written Communication II3ENG 102 or 3104
Philosophy - Logic, Critical Thinking or Ethics3PHIL 201, PHIL 210, or PHIL 3025
Microeconomics3ECON 2015
Introductory Psychology3PSY 1015
Biology Biology 
Introductory Biology8BIOL 110, BIOL 111, BIOL 11215
Microbiology3BIOL 323 or BIOL 4263-5
Human Anatomy with lab4BIOL 355 and BIOL 356 and EMS 45011
Mammalian Physiology4BIOL 355 and BIOL 356 and EMS 45011
Immunology3BIOL 4225
Genetics or Molecular Genetics3BIOL 321 or BIOL 4255
Chemistry Chemistry 
Principles of Chemistry8CHEM 181, 181L, 182, 182L, 183, 183L15
Organic Chemistry7CHEM 361, 361L, 362, 363, 363L13
Biochemistry4CHEM 431, 4326
Math Math 
Calculus4MATH 170 or 1725
Statistics3MATH 3115

*Semester credits
**Quarter credits
Note: shaded pre-requisites are considered met if you get a BA or a BS from CWU. If you do not get a BA or a BS from CWU you must meet these requirements. Greater than 70% of students admitted to WSU's PharmD have earned a baccalaureate degree.