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College of the Sciences

Englehorn Pond

Image of school group at Engelhorn Pond.
The pond became a nature preserve in 1968 when it was given to CWU to further research and conservation of the wildlife habitat. The CWU Biology Department has been the custodian of the pond since 1976. Since then the pond has been enhanced by the additions of a native plant garden and an observation dock. Animals that can be seen at Englehorn Pond include many different species of birds, turtles, amphibians, zooplankton, amphipods (scuds), aquatic invertebrates, snails, leeches and many protozoans. The pond is utilized for many biology classes, tour groups and individual research projects.

For information about touring or getting access to Englehorn Pond please contact: 
Jonathan A. Betz
Instruction and Class Support Technician Phone: 306-1624
FAX: 509-963-2730


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