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Dr. Tom R. Cottrell




Tom R. Cottrell, Professor Emeritus



Plant Ecology Sampling Macro


Ph.D. Colorado State University (Botany), 1993.
M.S. Colorado State University (Range Science), 1987.


Plant Biology, General Ecology, Terrestrial Plant Ecology, Research Methods and Techniques.


Plant ecology in areas of fire disturbance, rare plant habitats.
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Recent Publications

  • Cottrell, T. R. 2004. Seed rain traps for forest lands: considerations for trap construction and study design. BC Journal of Ecosystems and Management 5(1).
  • Cottrell, T. R. 2004. Capturing Difficult Botanical Concepts With A Net Of Previous Knowledge. American Biology Teacher 66(6):434-438.
  • Bai, T.J., Cottrell, T.R., Hao, D. Y., Te, T., and Brozka, R.J. 1997. Multi-Dimensional Sphere Model and vegetation instantaneous trend analysis. Ecological Modeling: 97:(1-2):75-86.
  • Bai, T.J., Cottrell, T.R., D.Y.Hao, and T. Te, 1995. An application of Multil-diminsional sphere Model on vegetation trend analysis for Ft. Carson. In: International symposium for Modern Ecology. Editor: Bo Li, Science Press, Beijing, 1995 (in Chinese with English abstract).
  • Bai, T.J., Hao, D.Y., Cottrell, T.R., and Te, T. 1996. Multi-dimensional Sphere Model and vegetation succession trend analysis. Grassland of China 2:35-46.
  • Cottrell, T.R. 1996. Use of plant strategy ordination, DCA and ANOVA to elucidate relationships among habitats of Salix planifolia and Salix monticola. Journal of Vegetation Science 7(2):237-246.
  • Cottrell, T.R. 1995. Willow colonization of Rocky Mountain mires. Canadian Journal of forest Research 25:215-222.

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