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Biological Sciences
Science Building 338
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Daniel J. Selski

Picture of Daniel Selski

Daniel J. Selski,
Assistant Professor

Science Building, Room 338F
400 E. University Way
Ellensburg, WA 98926-7537
(509) 963-2881

Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D. University of Rochester (New York) (Neurobiology and Anatomy) 1995.
B.A. Berea College (Chemistry) 1987


Human Anatomy & Physiology, Immunology, Vertebrate Embryology

Research Interests

Development of the Vertebrate Nervous System; specifically the molecular and intercellular mechanisms that growing axons use to recognize the appropriate target neurons and establish synaptic connections. The chick visual system is used as a model.

Recent Publications

  • Daniel J. Selski, and Denis R. Clohisy. A customized retroviral vector confers marker gene expression in osteoclast lineage cells. (2005) The Journal of Cellular Biochemistry (In Press).
  • Weihong Pan, Wendy A. Mathews, Margaret L. Ramnaraine, Cristine M. Lynch, J. Michael Donohue, Daniel Selski, A. Ian Cassady, Nicole Walsh, and Denis R. Clohisy. (2004) Analysis of distinct tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase promoter regions in transgenic mice. The Journal of Biological Chemistry.280(6):4888-93.
  • William M. Jurney, Daniel J. Selski and Steven C. McLoon. Altered pattern of the retinotectal projection following reduction of EphA3 expression in developing retina. (submitted).
  • Hope H. Wu, Daniel J. Selski, Esam E. El-Fakahany and Steven C. McLoon. (2001) The role of nitric oxide in development of topographic precision in the retinotectal projection of the chick. The Journal of Neuroscience 21:4318-25.

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