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College of the Sciences

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Biological Sciences
Science Building 338
(509) 963-2731

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Biology Staff

Bottom Left to Right: Emil, Jonathan, Mari, Eric, Mark, Cindy (inside), Kari (outside), Stacey


Staff Call List for Questions or Concerns


Main Contact


Animal Care 
Jonathan Betz            
Mark Young
Budgets / Payroll / Travel 
Kari Linnell
Mari Knirck
Building Issues
Mark Young
Facilities (call 963-3000)
Computers, AV & Printers
Mark Young
Jonathan Betz
Greenhouse and Tours
Jonathan Betz
to schedule class tours, contact
Dannica Price
Instruments & Equipment Repairs
Cindy White & Emil Babik
Preferred contact for both:
Lab Media Prep
Eric Foss
Mark Young
Lost and Found
Stacey Ferris
Kari Linnell
Purchasing & Website
Mari Knirck
Kari Linnell
Scheduling & Student Files
Stacey Ferris
Kari Linnell


Emil Babik - Engineering Technician

Jonathan Betz - Instructional and Classroom Support Technician 3

Stacey Ferris - Secretary

Eric Foss - Instructional and Classroom Support Technician 3 

Mari Knirck - Fiscal Specialist I 

Kariann Linnell - Fiscal Specialist Supervisor

Cindy White - Engineering Technician 3

Mark Young - Instructional and Classroom Support Technician 3


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