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Biology News 2005-2006 Academic Year

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Summer 2006

Tom Cottrell is on an international exchange for Fall Quarter at Anhui University in China.

Steve Wagner, Megan Matheson (Psychology), and Lori Sheeran (Anthropology) organized and offered, for the second time, the Biodiversity and Primate Behavior Field Research Program. This collaboration between Central Washington University and Anhui University was held during late July through late August 2006 at the Valley of the Wild Monkeys, Huangshan Scenic Spot, China. By all reports, it was again very much of a success.

The Department held its annual fall retreat on Thursday, September 14 at the Lazy F Camp and Retreat Center. Topics included Murdock grant possibilities, our upcoming faculty search, program assessment, and curricular issues relating to our introductory majors' sequence.

Mary Poulson has a new publication: "Effects of ultraviolet-B radiation on leaf morphology for Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) Heynh. (Brassicaceae)." Acta Botanica Brasilia 20(2):329-338.

Linda Raubeson attended the Botany 2006 meetings, which serves as the annual conference for several national botanical societies. They were held in Chico, CA from July 28th to Aug 2nd. She attended along with Rhiannon Peery (former MS student, current project tech), Skip McCoy (undergrad, Science Honors student) and Stephanie Margheim (undergrad, STEP sophomore researcher). Skip and Stephanie each presented their research from the past year in poster presentations; Rhiannon and Linda each gave oral presentations.

Linda Raubeson also received a new grant -- funded through the NSF Tree of Life program. Overall 4-year award is for $3M, Harvard is the lead institution. Fifteen PIs and Co-PIs and a dozen institutions are participating in the overall collaborative grant/project. Title: Gymnosperms on the Tree of Life: Resolving the Phylogeny of Seed Plants. The CWU based award (Raubeson, PI) is for $493,500.

Holly Pinkart has a new publication in one of the International Society for Optical Engineering electronic journals: "The sulfur cycle in a permanently meromictic haloalkaline lake." Proceedings of the Instruments, Methods, and Missions for Astrobiology IX. SPIE Digital Library:

Robbie Soltz and Wendy Bohrson (Geology) have submitted a STEM STEP Proposal to NSF.

Robbie Soltz , Jim Cook (History), and Moose Mack (Economics) submitted an NSF REU Proposal to do Conservation/Water Resource Management studies in NW China.

Lixing Sun spend part of his summer pursuing research activities in China. Sun also has a new publication: "The Effect of Male Competition on Female Choice in the Brandt's Vole" in the European journal Folia Zoologica.


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