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Biological Sciences Faculty and Staff, 2014




Clay Arango, Associate Professor

Stream ecosystem ecology, nitrogen cycling, human-ecosystem interactions



Daniel Beck, Professor

Ecology, behavior, and physiology of reptiles in the Pacific NW, southwestern USA, and western Mexico



April Binder, Associate Professor

Reproductive biology focused on hormonal control of ovarian function and development


Lucy Bottcher, Senior Lecturer

Amphibians, management and preservation of tropical rainforests



Lucinda Carnell, Professor 

Regulation of behavior in the nematode, C. elegans




Tom R. Cottrell, Professor Emeritus

Plant ecology in areas of fire disturbance, rare plant habitats



David Darda, Professor

Evolutionary vertebrate morphology, herpetology



Jennifer DechaineAssociate Professor

Plant evolutionary genetics



Blaise Dondji, Professor

Cellular immune responses to hookworm and Leishmania infections



Kristina Ernest, Professor

Terrestrial ecology: small mammals, species interactions, connectivity



Fabiola Serra Fuertes, Senior Lecturer

Animal biology, physiology



Eric Graham, Lecturer

Plant ecology



Jason Irwin, Professor

Physiological and ecological aspects of cold tolerance in insects and amphibians



Paul James, Professor

Ecology & fisheries biology



Jim Johnson, Professor 

Mycology, molecular systematics, molecular ecology and amphibian disease



Holly Pinkart, Professor / Department Chair

Microbial ecology and physiology, microbes of saline alkaline lakes



Mary Poulson, Professor

Plant physiology, photosynthesis, and photosynthetic responses to the environment



Wayne Quirk, Professor

Sensory Physiology



Ian Quitadamo, Professor

Neuro-cognitive basis of critical thinking, assessment of science learning



Linda Raubeson, Professor        

Phylogeny of conifers, chloroplast genome evolution, conservation and ecological genetics of local plants



Alison Scoville, Associate Professor

Ecological and evolutionary genomics, rapid evolution and conservation biology



Gabrielle Stryker, Associate Professor

Protozoan parasites, paraflagellar rod proteins in kinetoplastids, cell motility, immunology



Lixing Sun, Professor

Ecology and evolution of animal behavior (especially communication systems), primatology


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