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Department of Biological Sciences
Science Building, Room 338
400 E. University Way
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Biology Clubs

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Students Outside Attending 2018 Club Kickoff

Faculty within the CWU Biological Sciences Department advise the following clubs:


Biology Club / Tri Beta

Logo of CWU Biology Club.  Black background and three linked red circles with drawing of blue and red DNA strand, Wildcat logo, and green plant leaves are within each circle, left to right

We Invite You to Join Us

All currently enrolled Central Washington University students who are interested in Biology are eligible for membership in Biology Club.  The club encourages students from all fields of study who are interested in biology to join.  Please contact any of our officers for more information.

Biology Club Purpose and Mission

  • To educate and mentor others on the importance of biological systems with emphasis on Washington State and the Pacific Northwest Region. 
  • Explore careers in biological science and learn from biologists working in the field.
  • To enhance educational opportunities for students interested in biology.
  • To help students explore post-graduate opportunities such as graduate school and professions in the Biological Sciences
  • To provide students with opportunities for hands on experience in Biology
  • To form a community within CWU for students interested in Biology
  • To help students engage in and find opportunities for undergraduate research 
  • To provide environmental stewardship opportunities for students.

Contact Us

President: Gabe Vertz
Vice President: IImi Moen-Hamm
Vice President: Lorenzo Ortiz
Treasurer: Paul Moneymaker
Secretary: Naseer Phelps
Advisor: Dr. Mary Poulson

Pre-Medical Club

A bright red heart with a Caduceus symbol placed in it sits in the center of a blank ring with the words Central Washington University PreMed Club encircling it.

Come Join Us!  Anyone with an interest in medicine or helping people is welcome.  Come participate in pre-med activities and engage in volunteer opportunities.  Support for the MCAT exam is offered with weekly study nights.  Our club also invites guest speakers, ranging from medical students, doctors (MD & DO), nurses, physician assistants an various other guests.  Have some fun with us too -- with suture nights, bake sales, pizza nights and much more.  

Contact Us

Instagram: @cwupremedclub

President: Jane Eichwald
Vice-President: Brissa Natividad
Secretary:Marlee Weets
Treasurer: Hannah Reynolds
Senator: Hari Malmurugan

Dr. Levente Fabry-Asztalos
Dr. Blaise Dondji

Pre-Med Club students stand at a booth with candy and a project for kids to do during the Halloween event, Boo Central

Two Pre-Med Club students sit in a lab with a metal tray in front of both.  The tray holds one banana each and scalpel and tweezers.



Pre-Vet Club

CWU Pre-Vet Club logo.  White background with brown, gray and red sprinkles and a yellow, cartoon cat, bird, and chick.

We Invite You to Join Us!

Come explore with us the field of veterinary medicine.  Even if you are still considering other career options, we invite you to investigate the field with us. We provide you with information for applying to vet school and tips for strengthening your vet school applications.  We'll also have some hands on experiences, like suture night with Dr. Fuller (a local vet), a zoo and aquarium tour, lambing, an inoculation clinic, a c.p.r./ first aid clinic, DVM @ Washington State University Day and meetings with the DA from WSU's Vet Program, touring Oregon State University's Vet Clinic, Chopstick Night, and volunteer opportunities!

Local veterinarian, Dr. Fuller, instructs the pre-vet club on how to suture, using a chicken breast in the demo.     A pre-vet club member smiles for the camera as she holds up the chicken breast just worked on during the club's suture night     

Five Pre-Vet Club students in matching maroon tee shirts stand with an employee of the Woodland Park Zoo in front of the Zoo's truck     A pre-vet club student sits inside a model bird nest with speckled eggs, at the Woodland Park Zoo

A student in a gray sweatshirt stands in a barn, holding a young lamb.  The lamb's mother watches from a fenced pen behind the student.    A pre-vet club member wearing a CWU hat holds a young white lamb inside a barn.  A white and green wall with a lavender barn door is in the background.

A pre-vet club student practices inoculation on a green bandaged tube during Injection Night.

Contact Us

Facebook: CWU Pre-Vet Club
President: Katie Chamberlain
Vice President: Marissa Santeford
Secretary: Delaney Clem
Treasurer: Kaylie Armstrong
Senator: Lauren King

Dr. Fabiola Serra Fuertes


Pre-Dental Club

Contact Us    

Club President:  Minh Do        

Advisor:  Dr. Linda Raubeson


There are many other clubs available to you on campus through the CWU Inter Club Association.  Search their database of over 150 clubs!

For information on events, activities, and volunteering opportunities see SLICE (Student Leadership, Involvement, & Community Engagement) 

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