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Welcome to Central Washington University's Aviation program

Dear Aviation Students:                                                                                                 March 24, 2020


I will try to pass along information as it becomes available to the faculty.  First, I want to thank each of you for your continued support and understanding in these difficult times.  In an effort to address your many concerns, let me discuss the following issues: 

Graduation:  In an effort to ensure that those of you who are eligible to graduate, do so on time, your faculty advisors will work every angle to substitute classes for those that were canceled.  Please contact Dr. Hoover or Professor Sloan by email with any questions.  Keep in mind that if you have student loans, loan repayment starts after graduation – you may want to consider moving your graduation to Summer quarter.

Financial Aid:  AVP 354, ALL FLIGHT LABS AND ALL SIMULATOR SECTIONS ARE CANCELLED FOR SPRING QUARTER.  Professor Sloan contacted the Financial Aid office and they will work on revising student budgets to prevent delays in receiving your non-lab aid for Spring.  If you receive Financial Aid for flight labs, we will assist you at a later date with a “Revisions Request” form for Summer or Fall once we are told when we can resume flight training. 

For those of you on Financial Aid, this may drop you below the minimum 12 credits.  It is your responsibility to choose other classes to insure you meet the minimum.  Some options are AVP 331 – National Airspace Systems (3 cr); AVM 330 – Aviation Law; AVM 333 – Air Transportation (4 cr).  There are a few other AVM courses if you meet the pre-reqs.  If you don’t meet class pre-reqs, this is a good time for those who have not finished their general education classes to take one to make-up for a canceled class or lab.

R-ATP:  For those students who are trying to qualify for the R-ATP, we will do our best to offer classes that were not offered this Spring quarter.  Our main focus is to meet your graduation requirements.

Flight Labs:  When warranted, substitutions for the flight lab will be implemented on a case by case basis for graduating seniors.

I hope this brings some clarity to the issues that are of great importance to you as a flight student here at CWU.  Please trust that the faulty are working diligently on matters that affect all of us. 

Thank you for your continued understanding.               


Dr. Peter Dittmer


Central Washington University is the regional leader in professional aviation education. Established in 1975, CWU's aviation program is the only fully accredited public university aviation program in the Pacific Northwest. CWU has a stellar reputation for preparing students for the demands of industry with B.S. degrees in Aviation Management or Professional Pilot. The aviation major attracts individuals with a passion for the combined art and science of aviation.



Professional Pilot Degree

  • Commercial Pilot Specialization
  • Flight Officer Specialization

Aviation Management Degree

  • Aviation Management Specialization
  • Aviation Maintenance Management Specialization


Aviation News:
Central Washington University’s Aviation department has purchased (5) 2017  Piper Archer aircraft (6) 2018 Piper Archer aircraft and (2) Seminole twin engine aircraft.   The Archers will primarily be used for Instrument and Commercial training and they have a modern glass cockpit with systems such as Garmin G1000 NXi Avionics Suite, Electronic charts, and WAAS GPS Navigation systems. CWU is keeping pace with the ever changing aviation world by offering students exposure to this type of equipment which they will see in their future airline careers.  


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