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College of Education and Professional Studies

Aviation Management Specializations

The Aviation Management major prepares graduates for entry-level careers and leadership roles in the aviation community. Students select one of two technical specializations leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Management. The aviation curriculum is designed to provide a solid foundation in the liberal arts as well as a thorough education and training in a technical discipline. All aviation courses are by permission.


Core Management Courses

The Aviation Management Specialization and Aviation Maintenance Management Specialization share the core group of courses.

Course Code Course Name Credits
AVM 270 Aviation Data Analysis 4
AVM 330 Aviation Law 3
AVM 333 Air Transportation 4
AVM 334 Airport Management 4
AVM 335 Aviation Management 4
AVM 338 Airport Administration and Finance 4
AVM 350 Aviation Career Planning and Professionalism 3
AVM 417 Aviation Safety Management 4
AVM 422 Legal Ethics and Aviation 4
AVM 424 Aviation Security 4
AVM 426 International Aviation Management 4
AVM 430 Airport/Airline Marketing 4

Total core credits: 44



Aviation Management Specialization

This specialization prepares graduates for a variety of administrative and management positions in aviation. Credit for flight training under 14CFR Part 61 or 141 as elective courses for this specialization must be approved by an aviation department advisor. Total college of business courses applied to this degree must not exceed 22 credits.

Select 5 of the following course credits (15 - 28):

Course Code Course Name Credits
ADMG 371 Administrative Management 4
ADMG 372 Leadership and Supervision 4
AVM 332 Aviation Legislation 4
AVM 418* Threat and Error Management in Aviation 3
AVM 420 Aviation Labor Relations 4
AVM 434 Airport Operations 4
AVM 438 Airport Planning and Design 4
AVM 490 Cooperative Education (Internship) 1 - 12


AVM 418 is for Professional Pilot Degree students only. Not offered for Aviation Management students. 

Select 4 of the following course credits (19 - 20):

Course Code Course Name Credits
ACCT 251 Financial Accounting 5
ACCT 301 Financial Accounting Analysis 5
COM 345 Business and Professional Speaking 4
ECON 201 Principles of Economics Micro 5
ECON 202 Principles of Economics Macro 5
HRM 381 Management of Human Resources 5
MGT 380 Organizational Management 5
MATH 130 Finite Mathematics I 5
MATH 311 Statistical Concepts and Methods 5
MKT 360 Principles of Marketing 5

Total specialization credits: 34 - 48
Total core credits: 44
Total credits: 77 - 91



Aviation Maintenance Management Specialization

This specialization prepares graduates for entry into aviation maintenance and management in the aviation industry or FAA. Students enrolling in this specialization must already possess an FAA Airframe and Powerplant certificate and/or graduation certificate from a Federal Aviation Administration-approved 14 CFR Part 147 school. (Certificate not offered at Central Washington University.)

45 credits of the Airframe and Powerplant certificate will be accepted upon completion of all other degree requirements (core classes). See program advisor.

Total specialization credits: 45
Total core credits: 44
Total credits: 89

Current as of Fall 2019.

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