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College of Education and Professional Studies

Aircraft Fleet

Central Washington University operates a fleet of new Piper  aircraft for flight training. Private pilot training utilizes Piper Warriors (PA-28-161) , Instrument  and  Commercial use Piper Archers (PA-28-181) and Arrows (PA-28R-201). Commercial Multi-engine training is conducted with Piper Seminoles (PA-44-180). Additionally, a Cessna 172R is utilized for Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI) spin training.


Piper Warrior PA-28-161

  • Number in fleet: 6
  • IFR equipped with WAAS GPS



Piper Archer PA-28-181

  • Number in fleet: 11
  • IFR equipped with Garmin G-1000 Nxi Glass PFD/MFD
  • ADS-B In/Out equipped



Piper Arrow PA-28R-201

  • Number in fleet: 3
  • Complex Aircraft
  • Autopilot/HSI/Airconditioning



Piper Seminole PA-44-180

  • Number in fleet: 2
  • Multi-engine Aircraft
  • ADS-B In/Out equipped
  • IFR equipped with Garmin G-1000 Nxi Glass PFD/MFD
  • Autopilot/HSI



Cessna 172R

  • Number in fleet: 1
  • IFR equipped with GPS

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