Associate Provost

Values, Vision, Mission, and Goals


  • Assessment activities inform and improve teaching and learning.
  • Faculty are central to assessing and evaluating educational programs.
  • Assessment results are used in decision-making.
  • Assessment processes are efficient, clearly defined and transparent.
  • Assessment occurs continuously.


CWU academic assessment will be characterized by a culture of analysis and reflection that encourages continuous improvement and focuses efforts and resources to achieve our academic mission and goals for student learning.


The CWU Academic Assessment Committee examines, supports, and promotes assessment practices that foster development of knowledge, skill, and attitudes to meet CWU academic mission and goals.


  • Promote the use of assessment data to improve student learning.
  • Engender a grass roots assessment culture that begins at the department level.
  • Increase faculty involvement in departmental, college, and university assessment activities and initiatives.
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of assessment methods.
  • Advocate for adequate budgetary and technical resources to support assessment
  • Offer professional development to improve assessment practice.
  • Disseminate assessment findings to internal and external constituencies.