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Professional Development: Educational Webinars

Interinstitutional Committee for Undergraduate Studies (ICUS)

The Council of Presidents Interinstitutional Committee for Undergraduate Studies (ICUS) has hosted a series of discussions over the 2019-20 academic year intended for faculty leaders at Washington's public baccalaureate institutions. The intent is to provide national, state and sector-related content to inform your work as faculty leaders on your campuses. 

Click on the links below to view the webinars as well as webinar resource materials.

The first webinar, hosted in November 2019, introduced an overview of Washington's higher education ecosystem, the disruptors our sector faces and the responses by key influencers to the disruptors. 

The second webinar, hosted in January 2020, focused on the sometimes-disjunctive responses between the institutions and the state to issues in the policy spotlight. 

The third, and final webinar, to be hosted March 6th, builds on the faculty-to-faculty dialogue from January to explore who we are as a collection of institutions - "the sector" and the value and who are we as individual institutions within the sector that brings value to all of us, students and the state.


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