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Online SEOI - Related Information

Forms: SEOI forms will reflect those created by the SEOI taskforce and approved by Faculty Senate/Provost council in 2010-2011. The ability to create custom questions will allow faculty/Deans to focus on past SEOI form questions or generate new ones as needed.

You can view the new forms at:

Student Response Rate: Student participation is critical for the success of SEOI process. SEOI response rate is directly related to faculty encouragement and student knowledge of process. The Office of Assessment will enhance student process knowledge and encourage student participation through:

  • E-mail invitations and reminders
  • Blackboard (Pop-up messages)
  • Notice and encouragement with various student groups (Board of Directors, etc.)
  • Faculty reminder to encourage students and data access showing individual class participation.

Faculty Reports: Faculty will have access to individual course data while chairs and Deans will have access to individual and summary department and college data within a few weeks after each term.

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