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About Clubs at CWU

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With more than 130 student clubs and organizations at CWU, there are so many ways for students to find their niche, get involved, and meet new friends in the process! Our student groups are responsible for many of the programs and events on campus each year and contribute to a lively, engaged campus community.

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If we don’t have a club you are looking for, then you can start your own! Recognized clubs have access to reserving space on campus for meetings/events, a club bank account with SURC Accounting, discounts on Publicity advertisements, technology, and so much more. Create a constitution and complete an online form and you can be recognized as a new club at an upcoming Club Council Meeting. Start your club today!


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Office: 509-963-1694

About Club Council

Club Council is composed of at least one representative from every club recognized by the ASCWU Student Government. It is chaired by the Vice President of Clubs, who is one of the seven members of the Student Government. This person serves as the link between the clubs of Central Washington University, the University administration, and the Student Government. Each club sends a representative to Club Council meetings, which are held monthly in the Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters.

Club Council meetings serve the following purposes:

First, Club Council serves as a body for discussion on, analysis of, and implementation of club-related policies and procedures.

Second, Club Council also collects students' views and perspectives on issues/concerns affecting Central Washington University.

Third, Club Council works toward satisfactory resolutions of any problem clubs or CWU as a whole may face. Club Council should be utilized by your club to express and get support of your club’s concerns and issues.

Fourth, Club Council is an educational opportunity where mini-workshops are held to support clubs efficiency and success.

Finally, Club Council is a forum for clubs to share their activities, advertise events, and gain new perspectives on outreach and achievement.

More information on Club Council can be found in the Club Council Policy & Guidelines.

About Funds Council

Funds Council is a committee that is designed to handle and review all funds requests made by clubs that want to secure Club Council and/or SAS funds. The VP of Clubs and the VP of Academic Affairs chair this body and represent their respective areas. More information on the funding process can be found here.

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