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Student Recognition Awards Program

Nomination Form
Student Recognition Awards Program Form
A form to nominate staff, students, and members of the community.

The Student Awards Recognition Program is designed to recognize individuals and individual actions that go above and beyond expectations of conduct, setting those individuals apart. The criteria for the recognition is drawn from the University’s Core Values and Mission Statement. The main points that SRAP will address are incidents in which the following are displayed in an exemplary manner:

  • Responsible Citizenship
  • Responsible stewardship of the earth
  • Those who serve and assist Central Washington, the region and the state in solving human environmental problems
  • Creating a community that encourages and supports the emotional, personal, and professional growth of students
  • Inspire intellectual dept, breadth and lifelong learning, enhancing opportunities of students
  • Promoting creative expression
  • Acting for the greatest good of the individual student
  • Promotes intellectual inquiry, exploration and application
  • An overall supportive University community