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ASCWU Student Government

Student Academic Senate (SAS)

Welcome to the Student Academic Senate (SAS)

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About Student Academic Senate Meet The VP For Academic Affairs
Academic Affairs FAQs SAS Funds Request Packet
SAS Liability Form SAS Constitutions and By-Laws


Student Academic Senate Meetings Minutes

Minutes 2010-2011
Minutes 2011-2012 Minutes 2013-2014
Minutes 2014-2015 Minutes 2015-2016
Minutes 2016-2017 Minutes 2017-2018
Minutes 2018-2019

Minutes 2019-2020

SAS Senator Representatives for 2019-2020 HERE!

Step 1 Declare a major/minor
Step 2 Complete Senator Application Form
Step 3 Acquire signature from Department Chair
Step 4 Submit Application to the VP for Academic Affairs
Step 5 Wait for confirmation that you have been appointed


Becoming a SAS Senator means that you are responsible for reading all pertinent information regarding the position. Please allocate some time prior to applying for the position going over documentationtep provided in the Quick Links above, Robert's Rule, and our FAQs. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office directly. 

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