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ASCWU Student Government

Legislative Affairs

Welcome to the Office of Legislative Affairs!

Michael Scott is the Vice President of the Office of Legislative Affairs. Michael oversees statewide legislative issues pertaining to higher education and all issues affecting students. Michael and his staff members are dedicated to serving the public as the liaison to between Student Government and the Olympia. Along with his responsibilities and duties to ASCWU Student Government, he serves as the Chairperson for Central Washington University chapter of the Washington Student Association (WSA).


About Michael Scott

Michael graduated from Emerald Ridge High School and is currently studying Political Science. He is dedicated to serving the community and providing resources through legislation. Other than serving the community, Michael enjoys fashion, cooking and spending quality time with his significant partner. 

Washington Student Association (WSA)

The Washington Student Association represents 130,000 graduate and undergraduate students in the State of Washington. As the biggest stakeholders of the higher education system, we work with twelve four-year universities to build a more affordable, accessible and quality system of higher education for all students. Please refer to the Washington State Association website for more information. 



Office:  509-963-1696

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