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ASCWU Student Government

Equity and Community Organization Listings

ABLE - Accessibility Belonging Learning and Equality

Wednesdays @5-6:30pm SURC 131

Snapchat: ablesmashbros

Facebook: ABLE at CWU 

Our goal is to provide a friendly environment for people with disabilities on campus and in the community, to advocate for students with disabilities, and to provide an accessible social environment. Our goals are to provide a constructive forum for disabled students to express their concerns and ideas in a safe environment, to elevate the level of awareness regarding disability issues among CWU, Ellensburg, and the community, to provide educational and advocacy training whenever possible to reach out to students from all backgrounds in order to perpetuate a truly inclusive society, and to provide accessible and inclusive activities and involvement for all students including these of disability.

*Events in the past have included but are not limited to workshops and Smash the Stigma.


AUAP - Asia University America Program

Every other Friday @5-7:30 Black 201

Facebook AUAP at CWU

Visit AUAP Website

AUAP-CWU is an English language and culture program which has been integrated into the regular curriculum of the Asia University faculties (Business Administration, Economics, International Relations, Multicultural Communications, Law, and Urban Innovation). During their study abroad program, Asia University students earn credit from Asia University and are not enrolled as regular Central students.

Events in the past have included but are not limited to intercultural game nights, softball, pumpkin carving, parties, volunteer opportunities, and more. We also host events involving the making of traditional Japanese and American culture. 


BSU - Black Student Union

Tuesday @5pm Black 105

IG: @cwu_bsu  

Snap: cwu_bsu1970

Facebook BSU at CWU

The Black Student Union serves as an expressive medium to educate, celebrate, unify, and share variants of Afro/African/Black culture within Central Washington University and all over the world. As an organization, we want to foster a fun and safe environment that engages students to discuss issues affecting the Afro/African/Black community and our surrounding members to take action; whether it be external or internal.

*Events in the past included but are not limited to Homecoming tailgate, Movie Nights, Showtime at Central, Cornerstone Pie Takeover, workshops, study nights, feeding the homeless in Seattle, Parade of Nations, and Black Grad. Received the ASCWU Org of the Year 2019.


CASA – Central African Student Association

Thursdays @6pm Black 142

IG: @cwu_casa   

Snapchat: afro_cwu

Facebook CASA at CWU

CASA’s mission statement and goals are to celebrate and inform people about African culture. Knowing that Africans among themselves have different cultures and backgrounds, CASA is a way for the African students attending CWU to embrace their cultural identity and share their cultural richness with the campus. We also want this to be an opportunity for students not of African origin to learn more and have a glimpse of African culture. CASA hopes to accomplish this by presenting African music, food, dance, and fashion to the community.

*Events in the past included but are not limited to Akwaaba Night, Parade of Nations, African Culture Night, and Black Grad. Received the ASCWU Club of the Year 2018 Award.


EQuAl- Equality through Queers and Allies

Tuesdays @5pm SURC 201

IG: @equal_cwu   

Snap: CWU EQuAl

Facebook EQaAL at CWU

Equality Through Queers and Allies (EQuAl) is an organizations that seeks to provide a safe and welcoming place to LGBTQIA+ students and their allies. Our goal is to make Central Washington University and Ellensburg a more equitable place for all people. To accomplish this goal, we work with other organizations on the Equity and Services Council and also within the Ellensburg community.

*Events in the past included but are not limited to workshops, National Coming Out Day, Trans Remembrance Day, Drag Shows, Queer and A, Pride Week, and Lavender grad.


FASA – Filipino American Student Association

Thursdays @7pm Black 142

IG: @cwufasa  

Twitter: @CWUFASA

Snapchat: cwufasa

Facebook FASA at CWU

The mission statement of the Filipino American Student Association, is to incorporate Filipino heritage on campus through hosting events, traveling to other universities, and weekly meetings with workshops. There are many islands in the Philippines, and we want all Filipino identities to be noticed. We would like to further the education of politics, everyday life, food, and general welfare of all Filipinos. We strive to foster an environment that is available to all people regardless of background, culture, and disability. In this environment, we will always be a family driven group that takes care of one another and makes everyone feel like this is home. As a part of the ESC, we also encourage members to venture into other orgs and make connections with as many people as possible.
*Events in the past included but are not limited to Mabuhay, NWFASA Conference, Fil Olympics, Asian Pacific Legislative Day, Pin@y Retreat, Pumpkin Social, Barrio Fiesta, and Fil Grad. Received the ASCWU Org of the Year 2018 Award.


FGSO – First Generation Student Organization

Fridays @2pm Farrell Hall 401

IG: @cwu_fgso


Facebook FGSO at CWU

It shall be the mission of the CWU’s First Generation Student Organization to attend leadership conferences and cultural activities in Washington State, and to provide opportunities for enrolled students at CWU to attend such activities. The CWU First Generation Student Organization goals is to provide cultural activities, and networking opportunities for CWU’s First Generation Student Organization members to gain vulnerable leadership and cultural communication skills to have enriched, productive, and successful academic and employment related careers.

*Events in the past included but are not limited to resume workshops, financial aid workshops, and opportunities to go to conferences. Other resources to seek are TRiO and STAR.


SASA-South Asian Student Association

*Previously Known as ISA

Wednesdays 6-7pm Hogue 300n

IG: @cwusasa

SASA is a platform to help showcase the diversity and culture of South Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Bhutan)

  • Help educate people about South Asian traditions and cultures.
  • Help give a voice to a underrepresented community.
  • Show the uniqueness and similarities between SASA members and the general public.
  • Help show how stereotypes aren’t true.
  • Support SASA and other organizations.
  • Educate and celebrate South Asian Festivals

*Events done in the Past have included Holli (Festival of Color) and Diwali (Festival of lights).


M.E.Ch.A- Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanx de Aztlan

Wednesdays 5pm Black Hall 201/202

IG: @mechadecwu       

Snap: mechadecwu01

Facebook MEChA at CWU

We, M.E.Ch.A, promote and contribute to the knowledge, awareness, and understanding of the Chicanx history and culture. To strive for educational, cultural, economical, political, and social empowerment within the Chicanx community in order to help our people. To undertake the responsibility of retaining our identity and furthering our cultural awareness. To undertake the responsibility of uplifting and mobilizing Chicanx through higher education. To implement plans of action concerning Chicanx. M.E.Ch.A will strive to involve itself in the affairs of Central Washington University with an emphasis on working for the betterment of Central Washington University’s environment.

*Events in the past include, Raza grad, a graduation ceremony for the LatinX population on campus. Also know your rights workshops, direct actions, and quarterly dances as well.



Meetings Wednesdays 6:30-8pm SURC Ballroom A

IG: @cwupolycentral     

Facebook PolyCentral at CWU    

Poly Central is an org that creates a safe haven and a support group for pacific Islander students . Poly Central will emphasize the importance of education and educate Central Washington University’s community about all the cultures that lie within the Pacific Ocean. We are an org  that is open to all students. Throughout the year we are planning and practicing for one of the biggest events on campus PolyFest.

*Events that Polycentral has put on in the past are PolyFest a yearly event to celebrate and learn about traditional Polynesian culture and Rooted from the Pacific an educational fair that highlighted 8 pacific islands represented by CWU students.


LSO-Latinx Student Organization

Tuesdays @4pm Black Hall 142

IG: @cwulatinx              

Our mission is to promote diversity and increase the visibility of students of color at Central Washington University. The Latinx Student Organization will collaborate with other student organizations and help Central Washington University reach its initiative of becoming a Hispanic Serving Institute. As an organization we will work on establishing professional development and leadership opportunities for our organization members. All students are welcomed as this organization is open to all majors. This will prepare them for their careers in their fields of study. We will allow members the opportunity to gain leadership experience through organization activities and through our office positions. We will focus on working with student outreach by visiting high schools and community colleges. This will help encourage students and teach them about the benefits of pursuing higher education. We will educate those students with limited resources and assist them with scholarships college applications. Our annual goal is to send our organization members to the U.S. Hispanic Leadership Institute (USHLI) in Chicago. We will accomplish this by creating fundraising avenues that help us generate funds to allow organization members to attend this trip.

*Events in the past included but are not limited to resume workshops, professional development, cultural nights, potlucks, USHLI, high school outreach.



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